Opulence Bottled: Cornelia Spa Products

Previously, Cornelia products, the luxe line created by renowned esthetician Cornelia Zicu of the Cornelia Day Resort, were available only at the day resort. Thankfully, the line is now available to the public and women everywhere can bathe in the line’s lusciously rich creams in the comfort of their own homes, and add the serums and moisturizers from the age-deferral Cornelia Essentials line to their daily routines! This line is a [i]must[/i] for the skin-conscious woman who is interested in options [i]other[/i] than Crème de la Mer.

The Hand Recovery Cream, which retails for a cool $60, is worth every penny and then some. The thick, velvety cream gloves your hands in silky softness, thanks to its combo of jojoba, vitamin E, and wheat germ oil, and has a light, almost unisex sandalwood scent. I slathered the lotion on my hands in the morning, and after washing my hands at lunch, my hands were [i]still[/i] baby smooth. I noticed a dramatic difference, especially since I’m prone to have dry cuticles, despite the fact that I get a mani every week without fail. If you have the same issue, this hand cream is definitely for you, and will keep your digits well-hydrated between visits to your nail salon. Since it’s flip flop and sandal season, you can also slather your feet and heals with this cream for extra smoothness. What’s most impressive about this product is the fact that it goes on light, but provides a serious layer of moisture, so it’s usable in warm and cool weather. I noticed that about all the Cornelia products I tried – a sparse amount of product delivered a full pop of moisture!

The line’s Lavender Pillow Mist will coax you to sleep, to a date with your dreams, thanks to its crisp comforting aroma, but ladies, use sparingly. Don’t douse your bed linens with this spray or you’ll give yourself a headache. Two liberal spritzes will suffice. My only complaint was the steep price. Despite the generous portion – almost 4 ounces – the scent is comparable to both high- and low-end brands. There wasn’t anything special about this Lavender concoction, and Bath and Body Works offers a similar product at a fraction of the cost.

The Cornelia Essentials line is designed for the woman with anti-aging on her mind. The products claim to balance, brighten, moisturize and renew skin through exotic products like Romanian mud extract, European herb extracts and de-aging technology. De-aging is definitely a new one on me.

I was apprehensive about switching from my trusted facial moisturizer, which contains SPF 15, to the Cornelia Essentials Age Interruption Day Cream, which, to my surprise, didn’t list any SPF in its ingredients. Nevertheless, the cream was lightweight, non-greasy, and absorbed into my skin on the quickfast, which is important because I have to commute from New Jersey and can’t waste time waiting for moisturizer to sink in before I apply my make up! I also love the light, fresh scent. Before I slathered on the day cream, I applied the Age Resistance Advance Serum, a product designed to minimize fine lines and stimulate cell regeneration. I can’t tell just yet if it’s regenerating, but it sure makes my skin feel smooth and look fresh. Sure, it’s a two-step process but this is precious facial skin we’re talking about, and a few extra seconds of pampering won’t kill you.

The Age Deferral Night Complex served as my nighttime moisturizer and only two quick pumps from the bottle was enough to cover my entire face. My skin was hydrated, but it could also breathe. I didn’t feel like I was wearing a moisturizer when I went to bed, and liked the clean feeling.

Overall, these products were luxe, lush, and felt as if they were improving my skin’s texture. While my skin is in great shape, I felt the effects of these products. Whether or not they combat aging remains to be seen, but my facial skin and my hands are creamier and smoother than usual. These products are an investment in your skin’s future.

Cornelia products are available at Victoria’s Secret stores and at the Cornelia Day Resort, 663 Fifth Avenue at 52nd Street, 212-871-3050 or 866-663-1700, http://www.cornelia.com.

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