Organic Skin Care Gets Real

It’s hard to tell what’s authentic nowadays. There’s Photoshop, plastic surgery, greenwashing (a term used to describe companies whose environmental is less than authentic). When we find a couple of companies who are serious about the pursuit of true, green skin care, we rejoice. It makes us want to celebrate St. Patrick’s style as a matter of fact. We want to wear it proudly and loudly. Despite the dozens of sustainable products that have popped up in the last couple of years, there are few who truly commit to the process.

Kahina Giving Beauty offers a travel kit for worldly types like founder, Katharine Phillips L’Heureux. It includes the collection’s essentials, 100% organic Kahina Argan Oil, Facial Cleanser and Facial Lotion. Argan oil, which reduces inflammation and protects from the environment, comes from Morocco where Kahina’s founder works with local women in the area.

The product itself is bottled in a carbon-neutral, wind-powered facility, and made from violet glass, which naturally protects from the sun and preserves the integrity of its contents.
Kahina Giving Beauty offers a 15 percent discount on product refills to clients who return their bottles to be reused.


The area around our eyes is one of the most sensitive on the body. It is no place to experiment with lotions or potions – particularly anything toxic or unnatural.

Gabriel Organics created an Eye-Makeup Remover with sea fennel and chamomile. With products inspired by the sea and Pacific Northwest, Gabriel uses botanicals and ingredients like algae and seaweed extract.

Gabriel’s line are 100% vegan and do not contain any preservatives, fragrances, dyes or animal by-products.

Available: and Whole Foods, Columbus Circle

The healing properties of the sea also inspired Clarisea, a new company that took a biomimetic approach to skincare. Its Clarisea Face Starter Set: Complete includes a three-step process that treats problem skin through a regime of soaking and clearing dead skin cells (when needed).

The set comes with a clarifying salt treatment, facial cleanser and clay mask. The best part? Some surprise accessories sold with the kit – a collapsible bowl for face soaking, sprayer and, my favorite, a snorkel! In order to best simulate the experience of the ocean, Clarisea recommends a good, long, healthy soak in the tub. Just please don’t forget to breathe.


Aromatherapy and the nourishing power of essential oils drive the philosophy behind the Enessa line, which maintains that natural ingredients help the body heal more effectively. Enesssa’s Facial Nourishment Geranium uses essential oil from the germanium flower, which reduces inflammation, treats eczema, acne and burns, and is often used as a healing balm after facial and plastic surgery. The complete Enessa skincare line includes Like Kahina, Enessa also uses dark colored bottled to protect the oils. No boxes are used in Enessa’s packaging.


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