Osmotics: The Proof is in the Product


This ten-year old brand never looked so good. Osmotics, a cosmeceutical company that specializes in anti-aging and hair care products is celebrating a decade in the business this month, and we’ll see some exciting products as a result.

Company founders Steven and Francine Porter founded Osmotics on the principle that they could bridge the worlds of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to create an entirely new realm of effective skin care products.

Famous for their work with copper, the team will launch an extension to their copper line in May, and will take their show on the road with innovative LED light clinics, which are being held at your department store’s beauty counter. The treatment acts as an in-store facelift! According to Francine, the lights actually stimulate tissue and bone regrowth.

The company has certainly earned the old adage, “but there’s more!” Osmotics is also re-launching their packaging, introducing new face lifting serum in spring, re-vamping their men’s line and working on the end-all be-all of moisturizers for fall. All this and they make you ageless. Well, maybe not ageless yet, but they’re working on it.

Osmotics can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstorm. Rumor has it that the line will soon be available in Europe and the Pacific Rim as well-one less thing to pack!

Visit www.osmotics.com for information on upcoming events.

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