The Pellevé Treatment Regenerates Collagen and Erases Wrinkles


It’s the end of summer and my skin needed a boost to repair summer damage, erase some lines and recharge my collagen. It’s the perfect time for a Pellevé treatment to bring back its dewiness and help the transition into fall.

Cleared by the FDA, the Pellevé treatment reduces wrinkles and creates tightness with no down time and no pain. There’s no surgery as Pellevé heats the deep layers of the skin using advanced radio frequency energy which causes the existing collagen to contract and tighten and with no damage your epidermis. I had my Pellevé treatment at the office of dermatologist Dr. Ariel Ostad, MD PC, who has earned many honors including being on the list of New York’s Super Doctors.

At his office, Dr Ostad described the steps of the treatment and answered all my concerns and questions. A very warm doctor, he gave me a full explanation of what my skin would undergo underneath the surface and what results I could expect to achieve. Pellevé treatment results keep accumulating over three months. From the moment your skin starts getting the radio waves and for the next three months, your collagen gets boosted to regenerate itself. The treatment consisted of Dr Ostad’s assistant Belle, spreading a gel on my face and neck with a glide safe wand and then massaging the area for 20 minutes with the Pellevé device.

At the end of the treatment, I noticed a glow and fresher skin and starting getting many compliments from friends. Though the results speak for themselves after one session, it’s often recommended to go for three consecutive sessions, spaced one month apart depending on your skin condition. Fees range from $500 (eyes) – $1,500 (full face) with discounts for multiple sessions.

Why not start fall with less wrinkles and freshly glowing skin?

Before/After photo supplied by Pellevé

For more information:

Dr Ariel Ostad
897 Lexington Ave,
New York, NY 10065
646 -798-9494

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