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With summer festivities and sales on every corner, the city couldn’t get hotter! However, that’s not always a good thing. Smoldering temperatures are trapped in pavement, releasing waves of heat, which are intensified by bus exhaust. Before you know it, sweat has a mind of its own. A shopping expedition doesn’t sound so good now, does it? Don’t sweat it. Beauty News has picked eight mists for day and night. Keep it cool and spritz your way into summer!


Sadly, summer vacation is not always an option for all of us. Nonetheless, Shiseido Body Creator Aromatic Energizing Spray works as an instant pick-me-up that would make even school girls jealous. The unique two layer formula contains grapefruit oil for a ‘wake me up before you go-go’ burst and caffeine and glycerin infused water that improves skin’s texture for a toned appearance. The ingredients will add moisture to the skin, relieving any puffiness – a common side effect of heat that often affects legs and arms. After showering, apply all over the entire body (avoid face), slip into an airy summer dress and explore the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. You’ll fit right in with the blooming flowers. Available at


The greenery of Central Park lures athletes from all over the city, but who can blame them for wanting to run around the Reservoir or loop the park on Rollerblades mile after mile? Yet, even the tree canopy offers little protection from the afternoon sun. Beat the heat by spraying Kinerase Hydrating Antioxidant Mist prior to working out. The gentle, non-irritating toner won’t clog pores; instead it delivers antioxidants with hydrating benefits. Although not a substitute for sunscreen, ergothioneine, a powerful grape seed extract, it protects the skin from DNA damage that can be caused by the sun. Once you’re done, cool down with Skyn Iceland’s Arctic Face Mist. Think of it as a blended iced tea for your body. Ingredients like white, yellow and green teas and real Icelandic glacial waters revamp skin instantly, where as white willow bark provides antibacterial protection as it battles germs harbored in sweat. The mist feels cool, not sticky, against the skin as it works to relieve stress after a workout. Available at and


Planes, trains and automobiles will take you places, but they can also make traveling hotter than hell (don’t even get me started on the subway platforms during rush hour). Needless to say, the experience can leave you exhausted, sticky and maybe even slightly smelly. Freshen up with
Jane Iredale Balance Antioxidant Hydration Spray or Caudalie Beauty Elixir. The Antioxidant Hydration Spray works well for plane travel because it contains myrrh to improve circulation and seaweed extract to regulate the pH balance so you look refreshed, even after a 3+ hour flight. On the other hand, the Beauty Elixir is essential for underground commuters. Heat opens up pores. Mix that with the muggy subway air and you have breeding ground for zit causing bacteria. The Beauty Elixir works wonders to tighten pores. Apply it before make-up for a defensive shield or spray the face post travel to get the just showered clean feeling filled with the orange blossom, mint and rose aroma. Both are under 3 ounces, so you can bring them though security (just remember to keep them in a Ziploc bag). Available at and


Sometimes being inside feels hotter than tourist ridden Times Square. My heart goes out to apartment dwellers relying on fans. In that case, Anakiri Rejuvenating Mineral Mist is your best friend. Each application chills the skin even after the product is absorbed. And, since the spray covers a wide range you can cool hard-to-reach places like the back and neck. Lavender, pure aloe vera gel, and lemon essential oil battle the sluggish feeling common to overheating. Plus, bonus points for sea algae extract and oat beta glucan with their natural anti-aging properties. Available at


Since NYC is mostly void of pools and beaches many of us resort to sunbathing on roofs, decks and any grassy patch in sight. This type of tanning can be pretty torturous, not to mention dehydrating. Even if you drink water (remember margaritas are yummy, but alcohol will dehydrate even more) your skin still loses moisture quickly. The perfume and preservative free Institut Esthederm Cellular Water contains ingredients that are identical to skin water so the body doesn’t have to adjust to foreign particles. Keep it in the refrigerator prior to use for fast relief from the summer sizzle. Cool! Available at


As you are embracing Vanilla Ice on the dance floor, but instead of “Ice Ice Baby,” your body sings “it’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.” No wonder you feel like the hour spent getting ready was a waste of time. There’s hope yet. The slim bottle of Hampton Sun Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray fits neatly in most purses to serve as your secret weapon. The 3-in-1 spray hydrates with Vitamins A through E, enhances tanned skin with a light shimmer and scents with sweet chamomile. One trip to the ladies room and you’re back in the game. Available at

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