A Quickie with Dr. Schultz Will Make Your Skin So A-PEEL-ing


I’m certain that by now, being a dedicated Beauty News NYC reader, you fully understand the value of peels. From mild at-home peels to those done in the doctors’ offices, peels do wonderful things for our skin. NYC dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz says that one of the most important functions is that they get rid of the top layer of dead skin cells. This is really key because those layers of dead cells make our complexions look dull and prevent the glow we all covet. Clear skin reflects light which gives us that inner radiance while clogged pores and dead skin cells prevent the glow from coming through.

Additionally, those dead skin cells actually hinder our skin care products from getting through and doing their jobs. So if your favorite crème du jour can’t get through those dead cells you’re not getting its full benefit.

There are some good at-home peels, but they’re not nearly as effective as a professional peel which should be done every couple of months. A professional peel at a dermatologist’s office is usually done by the doctor’s technician and can cost about $150.00. So what if you could get a professional peel done by a dermatologist trained esthetician without going to a doctor’s office, takes less than ten minutes, costs only $39.00 and there’s no appointment necessary? Done!

Welcome to the BeautyRx’s Peel Bar at Butterfly Studio Salon near the Flatiron on Fifth Ave.. Dr Schultz created a glycolic formulation, used over 50,000 times in his office, for the Beauty Rx Peel Bar. At a recent meeting with him, he explained that through pH-adjusting and buffering, he was “able to paradoxically increase the strength and effectiveness of the formula while at the same time making it gentler.” He also added willowherb and lavender due to their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Simply put, this means that you can go into the Butterfly Studio and get a professional strength peel performed by a doctor’s technician for $39.00. and not have any post-peel redness. Fabulous, right? Oh and while you’re there, I highly recommend the hair services by the Butterfly Studio Salon staff. I had a wash and blow-out by Amanda that was amazing.

Butterfly Studio Salon: Where Your Metamorphosis Begins

You can keep the great skin going between appointments – or if you don’t live in NY – there’s a milder at-home version you can buy. It’s a six week treatment that gets progressively stronger and keeps your complexion radiant. Cost: $70.00 and sold at Butterfly Studio as well as http://www.HSN.com
Here are the details:

Butterfly Studio Salon – 149 5th Ave., 2nd floor.
BeautyRx Peel Bar is open Tues. 4-7pm and Thurs. 12-5pm. (no tipping)
Call Butterfly Salon for an appointment – 212-253-2100 (Last minute and walk-ins okay as well)

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