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Fool’s Day welcomes us to the month of April but if you are one of the 14 million Americans that suffer with rosacea, you aren’t laughing. As National Awareness Month, April offers the opportunity to get the word out about this skin disorder, especially considering most people don’t know they have it.

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Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition, affecting more women than men. It’s characterized by dilated capillaries, skin thickening, pimples, bumps, and persistent redness, according to Dr. Nicholas Perricone, clinical and research dermatologist and CEO of NV Perricone MD, Ltd. These symptoms are usually prominent on the forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin.

“Rosacea is a lifetime problem, and it does come and go. Although its cause is unknown, I believe it is triggered by an inflammatory response,” said Dr. Perricone.

This inflammation may be caused by several factors, including diet, environmental stressors, sun light, hormones, alcohol and irritation to the skin.

Though rosacea doesn’t have any serious health complications, it does intrude on your life and how you feel, which is why it’s just as important to know about any medications and products that can help. There are prescriptions, supplements and topical treatments that can help reduce inflammation, and you should check with your dermatologist about those possibilities.

Dr. Perricone advises, “I suggest following my anti-inflammatory diet, which contains essential fatty acids, and supplementing the diet with flax and borage oils. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, cold-water fish, and stay away from starches and sugars.”

Additionally, it’s suggested that you use a cleanser formulated with anti-oxidants, morning and evening. Nutritional supplements can help reduce inflammation as well; look for those containing a minimum of 100 milligrams of alpha lipoic acid and 60 milligrams of coenzyme Q-10, per day.

Out shopping and want to pick up something topical to offer immediate relief? Look no further, there are many products on the shelves that can help bring some redness reprieve before your big date tonight:

N.V. Perricone M.D. Cosmeceuticals Hydrating Nutrient Mask is a soothing, gentle treatment especially rich in polyphenols, which are incredibly efficient and multifaceted antioxidants. The clean scented mask delivers immediate hydration, enhances skins elasticity and evens skin tone.

Available: The Perricone Store on Madison Avenue, Sephora and

With just a few drops of Clarins Skin Beauty Repair for Sensitive Skin, irritated skin is desensitized and natural balance is achieved. This light liquid reduces redness and blotchiness, and the essential oils of lavender, mint and marjoram soothe stressed out skin.

Available: Fine department stores, Sephora,

Brits know a thing or two about combating redness. Their number one beauty brand, (and a huge best seller here) Boots, neutralizes flushed, irritated skin like magic. Boots No 7 Calm Skin Redness-relief Gel is refreshing and can be worn alone or under makeup. With the unique blend of emollients, ceramides and shea butter, in addition to licorice and chestnut extracts, skin loses its redness and looks more even-toned. Madonna’s a big fan and she’s looking damn good……no ifs, ands or boots about that!


Lierac Anti-Redness Cream is a delicate creamy mixture which contains green pigments that counteract skin’s redness and works excellently on tiny visible blood vessels. The special active plant synergy helps to reduce the size and redness of capillaries and has a wonderfully fresh scent.

Available: CVS, Duane Reade.

La Roche-Posay Rosaliac is an amazing line for those that suffer from redness and discomfort. The make-up removal gel is ultra cooling and cleanses without rubbing, while the skin perfecting anti-redness moisturizer instantly reduces redness with its light green tint. Plus, it’s fragrance-free, an added bonus for those with incredibly sensitive skin.


True’s Comforting collection emphasizes the care of all types of sensitive skin. Every product uses gentle anti-inflammatory and brightening ingredients, helping to eliminate redness and irritation, and the Redness Reducer’s serum absorbs quickly to help undo what’s been done.


Like all of Tammy Fenders products, the Clarifying Dermagel uses only the purest herbs and essential oils to treat skin issues, giving both physical and emotional benefits. Using myrrh, thyme and tea tree oil, redness and irritation is relieved and your skin undergoes detoxification without damaging drying. Housed inside an amber glass bottle to preserve freshness, you don’t have to worry about sunlight damage.


Eau Thermale Avéne offers relief and soothing ingredients to those with sensitive skin, and is the most recommended skincare brand among European dermatologists. Their Redness Relief Soothing Cream gives SPF 25 protection and their Anti-Redness Skincare Lotion helps eliminate redness while it also enhances skins radiance and improves tone. Avéne uses thermal spring water for its amazing soothing and softening abilities. Is that the reason European women seem to glow?


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