Rescue Me With the Rescue Spa and Beauty Lounge

Rescue me! Oh take me in your arms. Rescue me! I want your tender charms. Having that Aretha Franklin mantra stuck in my head for 3 days straight was a small price to pay for such an experience! The Rescue Beauty Lounge, located on the second floor of 34 Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking district of Manhattan, made good on their name’s promise. After living out the phrase always a bridesmaid, never a bride at my best friend’s wedding last week, I was passed due for some pampering. The timing couldn’t have been better! Upon my arrival, George, the manager, led me through this beautiful spa to a private pedicure station and into the hands of Neri and Yolanda, my respective pedicurist and manicurist for the evening. Usually, if I have the time, I like to have these treatments done separately, since I haven’t quite yet gotten down the multi-task of enjoying a hand massage while simultaneously having my feet scraped away by razors. But, I didn’t have the time, and it didn’t really matter, for Neri and Yolanda are gifted at what they do.

What sets Rescue’s manicure and pedicure apart from the $18 deals you can get on any New York City street corner are the products used. I was immediately struck by the lovely, refreshing yet relaxing aromas emanating from each opened bottle. Aromatherapy via Weleda Arnica oil for the cuticles was a phenomenon I was more than happy to experience. And the tangible, tingly effect I felt from soaking in Dr. Hauschka’s healing bath was amazing to say the least! Rescue Beauty Lounge is particularly known for their 3-step Nail Treatment System: The Base Coat Prep bonds to the nail to ensure a long lasting manicure; the Base Coat acts as a primer to neutralize the color of the nail bed so yellow nails do not change the color of the chosen polish color; and the Top Coat dries through all layers and dries them fast, leaving a high gloss finish. I am known for chipping my nail polish a mere day after getting a manicure, so you can imagine my surprise at having my nail color fully intact for over a week now! Perhaps I should have taken a break from the safe, however pretty, light shade of pink and gone for that deep red hue after all! The Nail Treatment System, along with a wide variety of other products, can be purchased at any of the Lounge locations (see details below) or at their website,

Let it be known that I am training for my first New York City marathon, so my feet have certainly been privy to their fair share of abuse the last few months. Neri took this in stride and after pumicing my feet with fervor, she massaged my feet and lower legs with Ole Henriksen’s Loofah Body Scrub and then Dr. Hauschka’s Birch and Arnica Oil (this dual action was done for my hands as well). I was sad, but fully satisfied when, after a considerable amount of time, she finally started pounding the sides of my calves with her fists – the tell-tale sign that the massage (a.k.a. the best part of the treatment), is coming to an end.

While the polish was drying, I paraded around the spa like a child having too much fun with her new paper shoes. I browsed through the store, making note of all the cute clothing accessories, pretty lingerie, funky make-up and must-have candles available for purchase. I also asked George about the Jang Jing Crème, an all purpose ointment that so many women in New York swear by. I tried it for myself and can agree that this herbal remedy is a must-have for anyone with severe dry patches around the eyes and on the lips, not to mention for anyone wanting to achieve that dewey glow.

Who is responsible for all of this, you ask? Her name is Ji, and she is one hip lady, up on all the latest fashion trends and working tirelessly to give us a wide selection of vibrant colors to use on our nails. Ji is the genius behind the private individual pedicure station or the pedicure station fit for four so next time, I’ll be sure to bring the rest of the bridal party along with me for some pampering! Ji also makes a point of keeping her spas immaculately clean. The chic modern décor suggests this fact, but George, who actually showed me the machine that sterilizes each tool under 360-degree heat, confirmed it. That being said, there really was no need for the extra proof – this spa already gained my trust. I experienced this spa first hand (and feet) and with no hesitation, I will go to the Rescue Beauty Lounge whenever my body sings, Come on baby, and rescue me!

Rescue Beauty Lounge on Gansevoort St.
34 Gansevoort Street 2nd floor
(between Hudson and Greenwich streets)
New York, NY 10014
Phone : 212.206.6409
Fax : 212.206.3525
Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Friday 11:00am-8pm
Saturday – Sunday 10:00am-6:00pm

Rescue Beauty Lounge
8 Centre Market Pl.
(between Broome and Grand)
New York, NY 10013
Phone : 212.431.0449
Fax : 212.431.2620
Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Friday 11:00am-8pm
Saturday – Sunday 10:00am-6:00pm

Rescue Nail Spa
21 Cleveland Pl.
(between Spring and Kenmare)
New York, NY 10012
Phone : 212.431.3805
Fax : 212.431.3901
Monday – Friday 11:00am-8pm
Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday – Closed

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