Restore Your Skin After the Summer with Pico Genesis


No matter what the doctor says, as soon as summer arrives, I can’t resist the urge to surrender to the sun’s warm and feel-good rays. It is hard to give up something that instantly makes me look better and gives me more energy. Who cares what the doctor says? I feel good and look good.

As summer ends though, things start to look less pretty as the tan fades and the sun damage becomes apparent. Sitting in the sun too long causes melanin’s concentration to reach very high levels and the result may bring out an uneven skin tone and brown spots. What to do now?

Thank goodness for skincare technology and lasers which have become so precise that we can fix almost anything. The latest aesthetic non-invasive procedure, Pico Genesis, is particularly good at getting rid of uneven skin pigmentation and reducing redness and bringing radiance back. It can be used on the face, neck, chest, and hands, and is safe for all skin types. I recently tried the PICO Genesis treatment at the office of Sadick Dermatology on Park Avenue in NYC and I love the results

I met with Dr. Neil Sadick, FAAD, FAACS, FACP, FACPh, a very friendly and highly qualified dermatologist, who’s held in high regard and considered one of the most influential and renowned researchers. We discussed the Pico Genesis treatment and asked how it would help make my skin tone clearer and more even toned. After answering my questions, I walked into the treatment room very reassured and confident and received the Pico Genesis procedure. First, a desensitizer was applied all over my face to prevent any pain in case my skin was very sensitive. Goggles were placed over my eyes to protect them and Dr. Sadick turned the machine on. I felt the ultra short laser pulses that sting a little, as if rubber bands were being pulled or if a thin rain of tiny icicles was hitting the surface of my face. It only lasted about 15 minutes and the small discomfort was well worth the result as my skin was clearer and fresher looking with no more redness.

Though I did not experience any side effects, mild redness and swelling can happen to some. These side effects are temporary and typically resolve in several hours.

Dr. Sadick recommends that you come in at least three times to see the best results. I did two treatments and I am so glad I did because the results were definitely more dramatic on the second visit. My skin looks not only fresher and more transparent with an even finish but it seems plumper and younger. I have a more even complexion and a nice glow that gets me compliments.

If you have overdone it this summer and need to get rid of unsightly brown spots, redness or need to refresh your sun abused complexion give Pico Genesis a try. Treatments cost between $500 to $750 a session depending on where you live in the country or how many you get.

For more information about Pico Genesis go to and to schedule an appointment in Dr Sadick’s office visit

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Great post. I love seeing REAL before and after pictures that show some progress but you can obviously tell you need more treatments to see full results.


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