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When [b]Kanebo[/b] launched the [b]Sensai Premier[/b] line, La Mer suddenly look tired and tawdry. Our attentions may be short but while some are easily bored with cosmetic mainstays, others ponder the existence of a product as expensive as a fine handbag. Is this solution worth the money? Could be it be surgery in a bottle? The results remain to be seen but the sales spoke to its success. Now Kanebo has added an eye cream to the Sensai Premier collection and we at Beauty News know better than to miss this boat.

Now, before we get down to science, which is what supports this $320 eye mixture, I must explain the psychology and inspiration behind the jewel. The company claims the Sensai Premier line was inspired by lunar cycles. This explains why the packaging looks more like a small sculpture than a cosmetic item; the sexy gray and black jar has a sheer top that contains a dome-like structure, obviously meant to resemble the moon.

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Inside the thick gel substance sits, awaiting removal via the sleek metal spatula. Created to treat sagging skin and dark circles, this miracle mixture is the product of research multiple scientific theories, namely DNA Repair Support and Diamond Theory. Just as cell regeneration slows down as we age, so does DNA repair. The seaweed-based solution helps cells repair at a faster rate helping skin return to its earlier state. Diamond Theory refers to a formulation of ingredients that treat common signs of aging, including dry skin, wrinkling, skin laxity and irregular color and dullness.

Those theories support the main collection but this product also works by improving hyaluronic acid regulation, which functions as an innate filler. What is unique about The Eye Cream, as they’ve coined it, is its ability to stimulate collagen production through a stable form of vitamin C, stable implying that exposure to the elements, and the passage of time do not lessen the product’s efficacy. Kanebo scientists spent five years creating the Super Fibro Activator (SFA), a stable byproduct of vitamin C that is not only easily absorbed by the skin but also manages to work faster than other forms of vitamin C. Their research suggests that once SFA permeates the skin it’s more than twice as effective at stimulating collagen production than standard forms of vitamin C.

[center]an image[/center] [center][i]Koishimaru Silk Extract[/i][/center] [center]an image[/center] [center][i]Kakyoku[/i][/center]

The product also contains multiple rare herbal and fruit extracts that help hinder excessive pigmentation and help the skin retain moisture. Of the many ingredients, yuzu is employed to brighten skin; Koishimaru, a rare silk extract, helps the cells retain moisture and aids in hyaluronic acid production; and Kakyoku, a rose plant found in China, blocks the release of a stimulant that leads to excessive melanin production.

Because this formula is so advanced, preventative users need only apply it in the evenings. Julie Fritzy, the training and event director for Kanebo Cosmetics in the states, informed me how to apply the cream. After scooping it with the spatula and warming it in the finger tips, the emulsion should be applied to the brow bone and the upper part of the cheek bone. She explained that the solution moves upward, so there’s no need to rub it directly under the eye.

It takes time for miracles to happen, but perhaps the 200 researchers in Japan sped things up a bit for us. After 28 days, more than 70 percent of subjects observed a change in fine lines and the number of wrinkles. If this item sells like the main Sensai Premier products, people will be asking Santa for a bottle of The Eye Cream rather than a new iPod because there’s nothing quite like the gift of youth.

[b]Kanebo Sensai Premier The Eye Cream is available at exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman and [url=][/url] this month.[/b]

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