Save Face with Clarins Cleansers

It’s a new year, and many of you readers out there are committed to creating “a new you.” Some have started diets, fitness routines, and/or a search for a greater sense of wellness. For me, the New Year has brought about a new gym membership and the first step to going to the gym is preparing my gym bag. This year I’ve added the new Clarins Facial Cleansers to my workout bag, and they are keepers.

Clarins recently launched two new, one-step facial products, Water Purify Cleanser and Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser. Both are refreshing and effective, yet gentle on the skin.

The Purify cleanser smells of refreshing mint – not too strong, but just enough to give me some oomph before my workout! It contains Mint Essential Water to help purify and revitalize oily to combination skin. The Comfort cleanser contains Peach Essential Water (smells like heaven) to help comfort, smooth, and soften normal to dry skin. Both products contain coconut extracts, which help remove all traces of makeup and grime, even better than my eye makeup remover does! Also, found in both cleansers is Moringa, a powerful, yet natural, detoxifier that neutralizes the effects of pollution on the skin, along with Ispaghul and Pro-Vitamin B5, which soften skin and help prevent dehydration. Bye-bye to my old pre-moistened face cleansing cloths!

Though I was skeptical of these simple, clear potions, at first, after trying them, I was truly surprised how these two cleansers left my face feeling cleaner than many other cleansers I’ve tried! In addition, they left my face perfectly balanced. Be assured, my gym bag will never be without these fabulous products. I’m also going to take them along when I travel overnight. They are convenient and don’t take up much space.

Next time you’re off to the gym, make sure you have Clarins Cleansers along for the ride.

Water Purify and Comfort One-Step Cleansers, $35 each, available at Nordstrom.

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