Seeking Sexy Spring Skin? These Natural Moisturizers Will Make You Glow!


Feel that? A longer day, windy yet wet, no wait – drier, some days freezing, some downright warm, and suddenly cucumber salad seems vaguely palatable again. It’s that burgeoning, blossoming season called spring. The trick now is to maneuver your moisturizing routine to match it.
Take a look at the latest crop of naturally beautifying skincare moisturizers. We’ve found some absolutely stunning products that will make you glow without feeling too heavy under your makeup. They benefit from key all-natural ingredients. In some cases, they are organic. So, shed that winter coat – in more ways than one – and enjoy spring’s maidens of moisture.

Amala, a company devoted to elegant, pure organic products that really work, has developed two exceptional products perfect for this season. Each naturally hydrates through a unique combination of botanicals.
Amala’s Hydrating Face Cream is made with jasmine, avocado and macadamia nut. Jasmine’s moisturizing properties take your winter-parched skin and make it feel softer and smoother, while protecting via antioxidants. The fatty acids in avocado and the macadamia nut help strengthen the moisture barrier, your skin’s essential force shield against dryness. Put all these together and it’s a powerful potion for a gorgeous complexion. It works very well under an SPF-containing foundation. 

A sister product that will also defend, smooth and soften is Amala’s Purifying Gel Moisturizer. While it doesn’t look and feel like a gel, the purifying part is palpable. Your skin will become moisturized, but not at all oily, thanks to the inclusion of rice in the ingredients. The addition of blue lotus brings fortifying amino acids, vitamins and minerals that nurture your skin. Goji berry and white tea help prevent premature age damage. You’ll love the lightweight feel on your face. Sourced from florals, the scent is pleasingly neutral. Amala products come in beautiful containers that make them even more “trip to the spa” special. They will make great gifts for spring birthdays or wedding showers.

Another all-natural choice we’re excited about is Own Skincare’s Firming Silk Concentrate which is one of a line of five coordinated products. Apply this serum under an Own moisturizer – either the Dual Protecting Day Lotion SPF 30 or the Refining Moisturizing Night Cream which is very nourishing and softening. The secret is special to Own which has the only patent in the U.S. to use a special, natural compound, made from the safflower plant, called conjugated linoleic acid – or CLA – that helps boost collagen for fuller and firmer looking skin. Yes, you heard it – boost collagen! It helps enhance cell turnover for more even-toned skin, as well as improve the skin’s moisture barrier. Each product in Own’s line is under $25. We’d “spring” for that. Own has also introduced an app called My Own to help assess what kind of skincare beauty regimen is best for you.

Available: and Whole Foods in NYC

No list of all-natural products would be complete without mentioning Kiehl’s Acai Damage-Repair Line which comes in alluring, see-through, dark red bottles that specifically protect its delicate organic properties from the light. As we leave the harsh winter behind, you’ll ooh and ahh over Kiehl’s Acai Damage-Correcting Moisturizer, a comforting and aromatic daytime moisturizer. It’s approximately 79.9% organic and made with acai berry extract. Acai berry being one of nature’s strongest antioxidants translates well into an amazing moisturizing product able to help you fight the effects of sun over-exposure and reduce fine lines. Also, hard at work on your epidermis is a combo of aloe vera, lavender and rosemary essential oils which will help restore tone, texture and elasticity to your skin. The rosemary essential oil works on your olfactory senses, too, and we know you’ll like the soft, refreshing scent.

Available: as well as major department stores
Why play a guessing game with your skin moisturizing routine as we head into spring? We’ve laid out a garden’s worth of nature’s ingredients in hydrating beauty options that you, your friends and your mom will love. See how you can turn back the clock on fine lines and skin tone concerns with all-natural products and heaps of antioxidants.

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I really like the look of the Amala brand products and the fact that they are natural. My Favourite skin care brand at the moment is The Little Alchemist their
Natural skin care is amazing and I’m totally in love with their vitamin c serum . That stuff is magic.


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