Serums bring sexy back to any skincare regime. They glide on like silk and penetrate your skin the way heavy creams can’t, giving your skin some extra breathing space. And with the fall in full gear, it’s always a scrumptious idea to consider wearing them underneath your daily moisturizer for extra protection against the chill.

Here are some products that we’re pretty psyched about that cater to a diverse range of skin types and lifestyles. So get ready to slather away!

If you’ve got blotchy, stressed, sensitive skin or have just treated yourself to microdermabrasion, a glycolic acid peel, or laser procedure, Exuviance Vespera Bionic Serum could be a smart investment. From the company who first discovered AHAs, this serum is an intensive treatment that delivers results without the sting. Not only does it have Alpha Hydroxy acids, but it also packs in Polyhydroxy acids (they protect and rebuild the skin’s natural barrier), Pro-Vitamins A, C, and E plus antioxidants that help to clarify and smooth the skin, improve fine lines and wrinkles, and act as a shield to environmental pollutants in the air.

We ladies like to feel luxurious – naturally, right? Well, ShÄ“ Facial Serum gives you that one-two punch. Created by two board certified Chinese herbalists, the serum, (pronounced ‘shay’), is the Chinese word for ‘luxury’ and is made up of the highest grade natural and organic ingredients inspired by the beauty regimes of the ancient Chinese empresses. This sumptuous product drenches and rejuvenates dry, tired skin with essential fatty acids, minerals, rich oils, vitamins, and Chinese pearl. Held in a one-ounce pump bottle, ShÄ“ Facial Serum spritzes what looks like and feels like liquid gold. Your face will feel like a million bucks!

Even with the weather cooling down, there are some of us who have die-hard oily skin. So if you’re one of those tried-and-true city slickers, we’d like to introduce you to Chellà  Skin Firming Serum. Confronting the issue of both deep wrinkles and fine lines, Chellà  is distinguished for two main ingredients. The first is its Hyalo Hydration Complex, which is a blend of normal sized Hyaluronic Acid with nano sized Hyaluronic Acid. (The former addresses the surface of your skin while the latter travels into the deeper layers, providing the lipid barrier double the protection.) And if you’re a peptide fanatic, these guys also got you covered. Its Tri Amino Complex is said to enhance collagen growth, renew cells, and give you a seriously firm visage. (And believe us – upon application, this stuff makes your skin feel as firm as J-Lo in skinny jeans!)

If you’re looking for a simple, natural, and affordable serum that gives your face complete moisturization (and an angelic glow!), then pamper your skin with John Masters’ Green Tea & Rose Hydrating Serum. Packed with green tea extract, vitamins, oat beta glucan for procollagen production and cell renewal, and super-oxide dismutase that fights free radicals; this award- winning organic option packs in the good stuff using natural ingredients and manages to smell pretty yummy, too.

So don’t settle for the same ol’ skin routine – let serumdipity hit you right in the face!

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