Skin Care: Craving Coconuts for Head to Toe Softness


It’s well-known that as skin and hair age, the products that once worked wonders and added an extra pep to your hair or face, now just sit there offering no results at all, and the body becomes unresponsive to the merchandise. Maybe you have even experienced the opposite, with breakouts, clogged pores or limp and lifeless locks. Perhaps Mother Nature’s ideal regimen for us was not beauty found in factories but in her organic environment. Coconut Oil consistently contributes to enriching and enhancing beauty. I’ve stumbled upon a few key products that aggressively utilize this precious ingredient.

Kopari- Beauty Bag

In my persistent pursuit to unearth nature’s bounty, I’ve discovered Kopari, a brand that is one of the key brands to boundless beauty. Made from 100% pure Coconut Oil sourced from the Philippines, Kopari brought star quality back to my skin.

Coconut Oil contains Lauric, Capric and Caprylic acids (fatty acids-the good kind). These are known for strong antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which are an amazing acne reducing remedy. It also contains vitamin E, which embodies antioxidants to help keep skin looking ageless, and protects against wrinkles. I was so impressed by the amazing results, I tossed out my usual day and night creams. My consistent pimples are virtually eliminated and my emerging winkles have diminished significantly. The uneven, dull skin tone I was developing now looks radically radiant. The beauty bag is a unique chance to try out several products in the line. I’ll dissect the collection and give you a bit by bit on each item.
Most of the products listed can be used for skin or hair. You just need to go through some trial and error to see how much to use and what works best for your skin and hair types.

Coconut Sheer Oil:
This Coconut Sheer Oil comes with an eye dropper for easy use. This is a silky oil that can be used as a moisturizer when skin is dry, or on your hair the way you would use a serum; just use sparingly. I use this now as my morning moisturizer.

Coconut Body Glow:
Perfect for the upcoming summer while sitting by the pool or beach and want to look sun kissed. Or for that added bronzy, golden goddess look, dab on the Coconut Body Glow right before going out for the night. This item features similar qualities as the Coconut Sheer Oil.

Coconut Balm:
The Kopari Coconut Balm is a tad creamier and is perfect for deep moisturizing very parched skin as well as smoothing out rough or dry patches of skin. Ideal for the winter warrior.

The Coconut Melt is not included in the beauty bag and has to be purchased separately. I just couldn’t leave it out as I found it to be an essential element in my routine. This product looks like actual coconut chunks and depending on the temperature in your house, can liquefy or become a solid. Either way it works the same. Amazing smell and luxurious, moisturizing feel and in its solid form is thicker than the products included in the kit, but goes on like an oil. I use this stunning component from the collection for overnight use.

The entire collection contains- No sulfates. No silicones. No parabens. No GMOs. No toxins.

Available at $118.00 for the beauty bag.

Joey New York Young Coconut Water Complex Gel and Night Cream Eye Duo

In the long drawn out winter, the search to perk up your peepers is ever present. The key element in the Joey New York Young Coconut Water Complex Gel and Night Cream Eye Duo is the young tender green coconut water in the ingredients. Immediately I noticed a bit of brightening, tightening around the crow’s feet area and a smoothing and soothing effect when applying the Complex Gel. As for the Night Cream, it felt calming with conditioning qualities. I actually rested better every time I used it…I don’t think that’s a noted benefit in the description but something I have to add. All in all I did notice that lines diminished and the eyes looked brighter and more radiant.

Available: $44.00 at

Joey New York-Quick Results Bye Bye Dry Chill Mist, Natural Passion

As I long for summer in the current tedious temperature, I was eager to check out the Joey New York Passion Mist. The minute it was sprayed, I felt like I was in Miami sitting by the pool -without the humidity mind you. The tropical smell and refreshing feeling was a moment of vacay, cool and relaxing. The mist is created from coconut water and delivers vitamins and minerals to face, body and hair while hydrating.

Available: $18.00

Archipelago Botanicals- Coconut Body Wash

Coconut Oil blends together with natural plant extracts and jojoba esters to create an ultra-luxe conditioning body wash that leaves you coconut clean. The Archipelago Botanicals- Coconut Body Wash has a subtle smell and incredibly moisturizing touch, leaving you feeling sensual and satiny smooth.

Available: $ 25.00

Tree Hut-Coconut Lime Shea Sugar Scrub

If you are going through some seasonal shedding and in need of an eager exfoliant, Tree Hut-Coconut Lime Shea Sugar Scrub fits the bill. I felt supple and velvety soft for days, a truly intoxicating and invigorating feeling and fragrance.
This scrub contains Shea Nut Oil to help preserve your skin’s natural moisture and is enriched with vitamin C, Certified Organic Shea Butter and natural extracts and is also paraben free and DMDM Free.

Available: $7.49 at Walgreens

Get yourself a load of these coconuts and get skin that’s glowing, softer, smoother, and younger looking.

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