Skin Care Emergency Kit

Admit it. You’ve been slacking on your skin care routine and now a large pimple is seeking revenge less than 24 hours before a date with Sexy Rexy from the gym. Or you wake up for an interview only to find out that the reflection makes last Sunday’s hangover look pretty good. Whatever the case may be, you need help – Stat! Instead of stressing out (and causing more damage), take a deep breath and browse our guide of proven Quick Fixes for common skin care emergencies.

First things first – address the eyes. Just like a messy head of hair yields sloppiness, puffy and tired-looking eyes announce indifference to your appearance. We suggest ISS Bag Lady Eye Gel, which improves microcirculation with soy and rice proteins by keeping the collagen and elastin fibers strong. “Store the eye cream in the fridge,” says Kristy Taylor, founder of SkinCareRx. “This will not only help preserve the active ingredients in the eye cream, but it will also add more depuffing power to the formula.” Luckily, Bag Lady comes with a nifty little roller that works wonders as a personal eye masseuse. Available:

Zap zits with Murad Acne Spot Treatment. I’ve used it for years to banish unwelcome visitors on my complexion. The magic comes from the fairly uncommon skin care ingredient, sulfur. Sure it might not smell of roses, but it’s certainly worthwhile. “Sulfur is wonderful because it dries up oil and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties,” says Taylor. “So, it targets multiple things on the blemish.” Available:

Those faced with ‘blind’ pimples, the painful kind that bumps up under the skin, can minimized the damage by applying ice, recommends Dr. Jeannette Graf, NY dermatologist and author of Stop Aging, Start Living. This can cause the blood vessels feeding the pimple to constrict and can shrink its size,” she adds. “Absolutely do not try to squeeze anything out of them.”

Even sleeping beauties sometimes wake up with less than perfect complexion. Oily skin, more-than-noticeable pores and an overall-blah color…are just a few of the culprits that stand in the way of radiance. Fight back with Biotherm Biopur Pore Reducer. Although most of us use masks before bedtime, we suggest you start the day with this one-minute mask. Not only does it control oil and bring lively color to your face, the formula unclogs pores too. Available:

In a rush without even a minute to spare? “Apply a cool compress to your face”, suggests Dr. Alicia D. Zalka, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale. “Pores appear more dilated when we sweat or are over heated. Cooling the skin minimizes this.”

“Dry skin is simply a result of impaired barrier function,” explains Taylor. “Meaning – the outer layer of skin is malfunctioning in such a way that it is unable to trap water properly. In order to fix dry skin, you need to get that skin barrier functioning again.”

Just the thought of flaky patches gets me panicky as I remember how annoying it is to apply makeup to the desert I call my face. This season, however, will be different. Ole Henriksen Black Currant Complexion Oil promises to shield me from the elements. Its prime ingredient, black currant oil, contains nature’s highest concentration of gamma linolenic acids that soothe and build resiliency to environmental factors. The essential oils like lemon and geranium add a therapeutic effect as well. Available: and

We like blotting sheets as much as the next gal, but sometimes the flimsy tissues are not enough to deal with oily skin. Caking on powder, layer after layer, is not too good either. Instead, keep a packet of Payot Cleansing Wipes handy. The gentle Lingettes Demaquillantes, remove impurities and excess oil as well as nourish the skin with green tea and aloe vera. And they smell lovely to boot! Available at

We’re all guilty of a poor self-tanning job that haunts our ankles, knees, elbows and fingers for at least a couple of days. Like any art, self-tanning with creams and towelettes is a skill that develops over time, but even the most apt experts need help once in a while. By incorporating ModelCo Tan Remover into your self-tanning routine, you’re allowed to make a mistake or two, but still walk around streak free. ModelCo’s bubble gum pink, grapefruit scented exfoliating scrub instantly removes unwanted blotches as it moisturizes with Vitamin E. Available: Henri Bendel NYC, Blue Mercury stores, and

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