Skincare Best Bet of the Day: Luxe Botanics

Oh, 30. It arrives and BAM!

Friends are getting married, babies are bustin’ out all over, and- wait. Where did those lines come from? When did my pores get so BIG? And my favorite,
dry wintry weather that makes your T-zone flakier than a croissant.

Well, now I want a croissant.

Meet Marula Hydrating Serum by Luxe Botanics.

After a week of using it regularly, I can already tell you, it will be a fixture in my winter beauty regimen. My skin is generally on the drier side, but my mama always said, “Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.” And I do… I figure a woman in her mid-60’s who looks 50 knows what she’s talking about.

I love moisturizers, oils, anything that soaks into your skin instead of sitting on top, with a fresh clean aroma, and most importantly, one that doesn’t leave me flaky, pimply, or bumpy. Thanks, Keratosis pilaris!

The Break-down:

Cute packaging, refined and classic, natural and simple.

REAL ingredients, not petrochemicals. The main two oils are Jojoba (closest oil to your sebum- that’s a good thing) and Marula (high in antioxidants and oleic acid-
aka monounsaturated fats, like Olive oil).

Natural Aromatics
It’s scented with essential oils, like lavender, red grapefruit and tangerine, instead of artificial fragrances.

If you’ve never tried an oil-based moisturizer or serum, it will take a little getting used to… Word of advice, start with a small drop. And give yourself time to let it absorb. Oil based products take several minutes to sink in, but once it does, it leaves your skin feeling smooth, silky, and supple.

Best Up and Coming Beauty Brand by ELUXE Magazine Sustainable Luxury Awards 2017, recently nominated for Indie Beauty Expo’s Best Facial Serum and Best Clean & Green Categories for the Best in Show Awards.

Giving Back
If you purchase a Marula line product, a child in Kenya receives books, a school uniform and shoes. And each of Luxe Botanics lines offers a similar program.

More information can be found at
and at

For more information about Luxe Botanics products including the Marula Hydrating Serum, please visit

*Disclaimer: Many years ago, I ran an organic bath and body product company, so I know what is involved in creating, sourcing, producing, packaging, and selling skin care products. Much of the scent, weight, viscosity, and ingredients remind me of my former products. So, I feel a connection with this product.*

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