Skincare for a Dog Day Afternoon

Oh I am not happy in hot weather, and lazy too. When the dog days descend I say lie around, rest up, and pamper your fine self. My idea is to slather on an indulgent facial mask and then assume the position—in yoga it’s called constructive rest: lie flat on the floor, knees bent, feet hip-width apart. Since this not yoga, it’s fine to escape the present and daydream. For example, I transport myself to a wild meadow filled with flowers dancing in unison to a cool, offshore breeze. Ahhhhh.

Since I excel at fantasy, I see myself in a mask of gold et voila: 24K Caviar & Sea Kelp Mask from Orogold, which contains 24K gold, caviar extract and soluble collagen, makes me feel rich—but more importantly, the ingredients profoundly rejuvenate and smooth my poor face and leave me feeling serene and aglow. People ask if I’ve been away and I say yes– far far away. If you can, treat yourself today.


When too many dog day afternoons—and nights—leave me looking parched, I reach for Kora’s Hydrating Mask. It contains certified organic ingredients including Noni extract, vitamins and minerals to rehydrate, refine pores and remove dead skin. It leaves you looking quenched, fresh and replenished.


If the dog days of August are making you feel a tad cranky, unmask your mood with a restorative pose and a superb mask, or two. See you in September.

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