Skincare Mavens:
Two Extraordinary Women and their Unique Products


April is our toast to women entrepreneurs issue. In this article, we have profiled two extraordinary women who have created highly unique skincare products that are a blessing to society. BeautyNews asked them how they began the long journey that led them to skincare success.

Harnessing the Ocean: Emily Durham from C’Watre
“I want to help women achieve better, healthier skin,” says Durham, one of the co-founders of the C’Watre line. The line is the only one that uses seawater as a basis for its skincare products. You can smell the potency of the ocean once you lift the cap of the new Zenkai Kanreki Cleanser, which loves your skin as much as you do. “My business partner and I always knew our skincare line would be oceanic,” she says. “Rob Lyles and I grew this business from a flicker of an idea.”


A lifelong passionate advocate of the environment, Durham did extensive work as an environmental lobbyist before stepping into the shoes of a skincare creator. Her X chromosomes led her to play a defined role in the creation of the line and the packaging. “For me the packaging and the process had to be beautiful,” she says. “The part of being both Japanese and American is having bottles that are beautiful.” The word “Kanreki” was chosen by Durham because it means “rebirth” in Japanese.

The most exciting and unique aspect of the Kanreki line is that it is chock full of trace minerals. “Sea water contributes to more than 78 nanonutrients in this line,” she says. “The ocean is amazing in terms of maintaining a balanced level of nutrients.”

The four essential products in the new Kanreki line are: Deep Cleanse & Detox Wash, Remineralizing Antioxidant Tonic, Smooth and Renew Cream and Firm & Renew Serum. The best part about this quartet is that they not only work (the serum is a miraculous dark undereye circle fighter), but also that they were harvested with the intent of respecting and protecting the ecosystem. For more information, visit

Good Enough To Eat: Diana B.
“No one was making natural scrubs without oil,” says Diana B., owner of her eponymous line. “I wanted a scrub that was not sticky and would just wash away. Plus I really was looking for something that smelled great. I was looking for strong, exotic scents that I could not find.”


Diana wanted to pursue something she was truly passionate about. She started making scrubs in her kitchen and soon friends and family responded overwhelmingly and positively.

“They came back for more because they loved it,” she continues. “It gave me the motivation to take (the business) and run with it.” Diana says she feels really happy and comfortable being a woman in this business because 90% of her customers are women and she can relate to them. “Plus I feel that women are a little more intuitive in business and their feelings and instincts drive them.”

For those of you who are dying to start a business, Diana imparts some tried and true advice. “Be brave and stick to the rails! Go with whatever inspired you to do it and continue to stay that course. It might be tough at first but stick with it because it is deeply rewarding. Remember that it gets very interesting the further you go.”

The best part? “You can see the impact you have on a community,” she says. “Whether it is a national community or just a small group of friends – you can see what your business has done for them, which is the best part for me.”

You can purchase Diana’s delicious scrubs, toners and face creams at Henri Bendel and at

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