Skin care doesn’t end at the chin and all that head twisting you do every time a cute guy walks by only creates stress on delicate neck skin. To help prevent it from becoming turkey neck, StriVectin has created a Neck Cream from botanical extracts that will lift, tighten and tone the skin. Oh, it’ll also keep décolletage looking gorgeous, so you’ll turn some heads too!

Available: Bloomingdales and


You know that along with sunscreen, liquid vitamin C is one of the most important products we can use on our skin and SkinCeuticals is a top choice of doctors, beauty editors and skin care aficionados. The researchers there have been hard at work and recently created Phloretin CF, a broad spectrum antioxidant with an impressive list of benny’s. This powerful antioxidant, extracted from fruit trees, is mixed with vitamin C and ferulic acid to create an impressive cocktail for your skin that reduces the appearance of fine lines while it diminishes age spots, boosts collagen, accelerates cell renewal and creates a radiant complexion.

Available: Doctor’s offices, Spa’s and


Soft and Beautiful, a brand new line of body creams made especially for women of color has just hit the shelves of your favorite drugstore. Since I’m the color of Antarctica, I had our gorgeously brown writer, Willette, test it for us. She reports, “I have been using the products and I absolutely love them. With each use, my skin gets softer. The body lotion and body butter cream are rich, so I only need to use a little. It absorbs into the skin quickly and smells great. The body oil gel is great and even though it’s a gel it absorbs into the skin quickly as well and provides the ultimate moisturization. Excellent products!”

Also, launching soon is their interactive site where a dermatologist and a life coach will be on hand to answer your questions. That should also make life a little more beautiful too!

Available: Major drug chains and


The “h” serum by 3LAB utilizes a bio-engineered HGH (human growth hormone) as the key ingredient in their antioxidant serum. The “h” serum is a powerful tool in the war on aging and continued use will diminish fine lines, enhance skin glow, and increase skin vitality while it moisturizes and smoothes the skin. It’s developing quite a following of fans!

Available: Barneys and


OK, I hate cheesy ads. You know the ones that channel the original Ginsu knife ads. But when a product has merit, I’ve got to ignore the marketing and stick to the facts. Dermalastyl Face Cream visibly reduces wrinkles, and is gaining media attention and lots of satisfied users. For a 45% reduction of wrinkles in two months guarantee, I’ll just have accept the “our operators are standing by” ‘tude and enjoy the results.



It’s not fun being the type that bruises like a piece of ripe fruit. As soon as that last black & blue mark fades, you walk into the coffee table and you’ve got a new one. From Optimal Outcome comes UpKeep Body Builder, a body cream filled with ingredients including horse chestnut that strengthens capillaries so that less bruises form when things go bump in the night, as well as Arnica Montana that make them heal more quickly. Using daily not only moisturizes skin, but has a cumulative effect that builds the skins resistance to bruising.


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