Upon opening the jar of Le Soin Noir from Givenchy, I’m faced with a black cream. I think…”hmmm, am I really going to put this on my lily white face?” No concern needed, once it’s applied, the dark clear cream goes invisible on my skin and makes it feel luscious. Le Soin Noir is made from black algae sap found deep within the ocean. It contains molecules chock full of vital fatty acids that protect the cells DNA from light induced aging by forming an invisible barrier. Used day and night it also helps fight wrinkles and firms skin. You don’t have to go the depths of the ocean to find this exclusive formula – Givenchy has done that for you!

Available: Sephora Fifth Ave and

Right now, many of us are under a lot of stress. But who needs it to show in our faces? Intervene Stress Recovery Night Cream from Elizabeth Arden is designed for those aged 25-39, and boasts a new naturally derived Bioderm™ technology that revitalizes skins texture and tone, softens fine lines, and decreases dullness. For a one-two punch, apply on top of its BFF, Intervene Time Fighting Radiance Serum. During the day, use the serum as a primer under makeup to protect skin as well as to make pores less visible.

Available: Fine department stores and

Confession time: I’m one of those people who can’t resist playing with candles. As they sit before me burning, and creating a pool of glassy liquid wax on top, I can’t resist the urge to tip and twist and watch it deliciously drip down the side. Then I enjoy pouring some on my finger and peeling it off. Okay it’s childish, but c’mon it’s not the worst bad habit in the world. Thank goodness for Aeto Botanica Wellness Candle – it’s created as both a candle and a moisturizer, so you’re supposed to pour the liquid wax on your skin! (well, first let it cool a little) My harmless addiction now has skin softening purposes. The Aeto candle is made from olive oil, and wonderfully moisturizes dehydrated skin. I especially enjoyed smoothing it on my feet and legs. The lovely scent of myrhh adds to the pleasure and it doesn’t contain anything unnatural. This candle makes my inner child glow with happiness!


Olympics may give the gold for first place, but Beauty News is the first to bring you the silver. Following up on the success of their silver soap (we told you about it first last year!), Cor, still utilizing silver as the key ingredient, has added Silver Anytime Moisturizer, Silver Wrinkle Serum and Silver Eye Cream to their skin care team. Depending on the individual product, there are combinations of peptides, copper tri-peptides, vitamins C and E, and are all developed to lessen wrinkles, even out skin tone, fight free radicals, and add radiance. See, even the cloud of aging has a silver lining!


Have eye got a new product for you??? Yess-sir-eee. I love peptides, and I love products that are easily portable and easy to use, so I’m loving this new Eye Rule from Sampar. Just click the bottom of the tube and then starting at the inner corners, apply this lightweight emulsion around the eye area with the roll-on applicator. Use morning and night to soften fine lines and help makeup and concealer go on more evenly.

Available: Barneys,

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