If you’ve been reading my columns regularly, you’d know that I was one of the very first to tell you two years ago how important genes and genomes are to skin care product development. You do remember that don’t you? Well…..whatever. But seriously, this is serious stuff and if like me, you’re determined to have great looking skin, and battle the war on aging with as few injections and lasers as possible, read on!

From Lancome, brand new and ten years in the making is their breakthrough product, Genifique. This easy to apply liquid goes on over cleansed skin, and under serum, and is used day and night. Just pump the product from the dropper into your palm, warm it up and apply to your face. Focus groups and clinical lab testing confirmed improved tone, texture and luminosity, and after two months, proteins associated with young skin were stimulated. The ingredient list contains things you’re probably not familiar with such as Bio-lysat, Phytosphingosine-SLC and HEPES, but you know how I like to always keep you, my inner circle of skin care aficionados, up to the minute on the cutting edge developments. Genifique will be on Lancome counters at the end of March, however, as of February, waiting lists have opened. Available: Fine Department Stores and

Chanel searches the world for precious anti-aging ingredients to use in their skin care products, and the new Sublimage Texture Universelle Essential Regenerating Cream contains Planifolia-PFA, which is engineered from a fruit found in Madagascar. This ultra luxurious and rich cream feels as luscious as cashmere and deeply moisturizes the skin, while also making it look and feel radiant and revitalized. Available: Fine department stores and

You’ve been good to your skin all winter and using an SPF 15 daily, right? Good job! However by this time of year the sun’s rays are getting more intense and so should your SPF level. Brand new from the cult favorite, La Mer, is their SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid. It’s a real gem of a product that offers full spectrum UVA/UVB protection, but doesn’t stop there. Along with algae, green tea and rosemary which help protect skin from environmental changes and keep skin hydrated, the protecting fluid also contains minerals such as tourmaline and malachite that captures light energy to boost anti-oxidants. The formula attracts moisture to the skin creating a barrier that prevents dehydration and it makes for an excellent makeup primer as well. Available: Saks, Bergdorf’s and

I love when products do double duty, but must admit I was a bit skeptical when I saw Lierac Comfort Peel which is a 2-in-1 moisturizer and face peel. Skepticism has vanished, and so will your fine lines and uneven spots. This product made my skin feel instantly smoothed and hydrated. Winter dullness was gone and my makeup went on really smoothly. Lierac uses a new generation of hydroxy-acids that doesn’t irritate, as well as glycolic acid in gentle doses along with moisturizers to create a product that takes away dullness, and can be used daily, day and night. Available: CVS Pharmacies and

You can use the fanciest creams, get Botox’d, use sunblock and enjoy a face that appears ten years younger that your real age until…uh-oh,….a show of hands reveals the truth! Oh dear! Do you forget to use and reapply the sunscreen? Forget to constantly moisturize? Use harsh cleaning chemicals without wearing rubber gloves? If so, you’d better quickly reverse the error of your ways m’dear and start taking care. If you’re already showing some signs of damage, Dr. Craig Austin, a NYC dermatologist has a solution for you! AB Hands 15% Glycolic Treatment Pads will get rid of age spots (no, they’re not cute freckles), reduce fine lines, even out discoloration and sun damaged spots. So quick and easy to use even you can handle it! Available:

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