Step one: Fill bottle of olive plant extracts with pure water. Shake.
Step two: Pour into jar.
Step three: Add plant oils. Stir.
Step four: Write date on label and store in ‘fridge for up to 4 weeks.
Sound like a recipe for a new healthy vegan dish? Nope! It’s the recipe for a new do-it-yourself face and body cream by L’Occitane. Ma Crème Nature lets you create your own wonderfully emollient, moisturizing formula from preservative free, certified organic ingredients. Everything you need, including the ingredients, spatula, label, and jar is in the kit. Slather on! DIYers rejoice!

Available: L’Occitane Stores and

When our skin loses its elasticity, it sags. Sorry dear. Eye Silk from Relastin will help keep eyes wide open with its exclusive Zinc-firming complex that helps us increase the production of elastin which is what keeps skin firm. Gently pat around the whole eye area, it’s also a nice primer as well. It’s been a cult favorite amongst beauty editors and you should know about it too! Added bonus: Dab a little on your lips to keep ’em looking luscious as well!


For us skin care aficionados the words hyaluronic acid and peptide lure us in the same way that the word brownie lures in chocoholics. LXP Moist Softening Serum, from SK=ll, a gel-like serum to wear under moisturizer, contains their exclusive Pitera ingredient, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and hexapeptide-3 that will keep that pretty face of yours hydrated, oh-so-soft and with a healthy glow that says you’re ready for spring! Goes on smooth as silk!

Available: Sak’s 5th Ave,

More hi-fives for hyaluronic acid as Sensai from Kanebo introduces Hydrachange Mask.   This high density formulation of hyaluronic acid  penetrates into skin and keeps the moisture content high.  The  pleasant Aqua Floral fragrance promotes hyaluronic acid synthesis within the derma cells to plump up skin and increase elasticity. Use this mask 2-3 times per week to soothe skin and keep it looking as pretty and delicate as a Japanese floral arrangement.

Available: Takashimaya,

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