We’re all familiar with cute and clever packaging when it comes to lipstick and mascara. But face cream??? Well, when you already have a popular product that everyone knows, why not package it irresistibly? In fashion, the 60’s are back, and Elizabeth Arden celebrates that era with their 1960’s Limited Edition Eight Hour Skin Cream. It’s the same original formula of petrolatum, vitamin E, and beta-hydroxy acid to soothe, smooth and heal dry skin, but all decked out in a Flower Power box with 60’s style mod lettering channeling Peter Max. Inside, the frosted glass jar closes with a psychedelic lid. Along with being a useful product, it’ll look adorable on your bathroom shelf. It also makes a perfect gift for anyone you know who remembers Woodstock!


StriVectin, the company who makes one of the top selling anti-wrinkle creams in the world, is not resting on their laurels and now bring us Instant Facial Sculpting Cream. Packed with plant based peptides and a combination of soy and yeast based products, the cream packs a one two punch as it lightens the complexion and tightens the skin along the jaw line and cheekbones. Use twice daily and if someone asks you your age, give them a cheeky reply!

Available: Lord and Taylor and

Our Metro Pets Editor Sharon volunteered to try out a new cream and reports back, “Your skin is going to rejoice after you start using Vertere Dramatic Transformation Cream SPF 15“. This integrated concoction simultaneously targets aging, hyper-pigmentation and adult acne with active ingredients like lactic acid and arbutin – an element extracted from the bearberry plant that prevents the production of melanin. This leaves for a clearer and firmer skin with a minimum of fuss, no need for multi-layering with a multitude of products.

Sharon used the cream for two weeks and says, “My skin was tighter (it helps with reducing the appearance of pores) and reversed the onset of a pimple (from the salicylic acid). The cream has a clean scent and non-greasy texture.” This dramatic cream is also supposed to help reduce wrinkles though Sharon’s fortunate that the only wrinkles she deals with are on shar pei pups!


Eye cream is a girl’s best friend. And like a loyal friend, a good one will fight to keep the enemy away. Our enemy? The aging process, of course. Sure, age makes us wiser, but who likes wrinkles, dark circles and saggy skin? Meet Artistry Time Defiance Lifting Eye Crème, your new defiant friend. This buttery cream preserves elasticity, keeping the area around the eyes supple and youthful. Formulated with rosemary extract and soybean protein, the cream strengthens capillaries and rejuvenates the skin in order to remedy dark circles. Caffeine will battle puffiness by shrinking blood vessels and dehydrating the fat cells. Bonus: some studies show that caffeine may eliminate skin cancer cells caused by UV rays.


You may not be able to afford their gemstones, but that doesn’t mean your skin can’t be as pretty as a pearl. From Bulgari, a newly launched line of skin care, called Gem Essence, which uses the properties of sapphire, malachite, tourmaline and citrine. Bulgari scientists in their Swiss labs researched the beneficial properties of gemstones, combined them with polypeptides and have developed an array of products which targets concerns such as cleansing, luminosity/radiance and regenerating. Who said that only diamonds are a girl’s best friend???

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