Skinovations: October 2007


(with contributions by Wilette Francis)

Wake up and smell the antioxidants!
Coffee berry, Coffee cherry – you say potato, I say potahto – no matter what you call it, it’s a berry good thing! It’s the fruit of the coffee plant from which the coffee bean is derived and a new breakthrough in anti-aging skin care. Studies have shown that the coffee berry has natural UV protection properties and anti-aging properties even more powerful than green tea which is currently used in many skin care products. Two companies have recently created products featuring this powerful ingredient which is soon to be the next big buzzword. (remember, you heard it from us first!) Coffee Cherry Reparative Treatment by Therapy Systems is a non-greasy, lightweight, creamy product meant to be used under moisturizer day and night. It absorbed into my skin instantly and left it with a velvety feel. Revaleskin has a three part system; cleanser, daytime moisturizer with SPF and nighttime moisturizer that all contain the coffee berry. The lightweight moisturizers left my skin feeling nicely hydrated, however the cleanser didn’t do a great job in removing my eye make-up. Products from both companies contain a 1% strength of the magic bean essence and come in easy to use pump bottles.

Available: Henri Bendel, NYC and Fred Segal, LA

Available: Dr. Dorris Day, Dr. Diane Berson, 211 E. 53rd St, 212-355-3511 and other dermatologists (listed on Revale site)

Our skin spends all day battling the environment. Between the damaging sun rays and pollution, it’s constantly assaulted and our best daytime creams help fight those battles. Nighttime is the right time for repair. Zero Gravity Repair Lift by Clinique, just launched last month, is the latest weapon in the war against gravity. The unique formula which includes Retinol, and Vitamins E & C help maintain existing collagen levels, enhance new collagen production and help lift and tighten the skin. It’s available in formulas for dry, oily, or combination skin types. And of course, being from Clinique, it is allergy tested and fragrance free.

Available: Fine Department Stores and

Shhhh….it’s one of those “secret handshake” kinds of products. You know, one that very few know about, but those that do, can’t live without it and feel oh so superior to those out of the loop. Well, cat’s out of bag now. It’s from France (natch!) and officially its name is Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre, but all its fans just call it the “24 hour miracle cream”, because it’s a make up remover, a day cream and a night cream. Up until recently, devotee’s had to stock up when they went to France, but it’s now here too. Make-up artist Brian Abbott uses it on the television set of Canterbury’s Law for stars Juliana Margulies and Aiden Quinn. Brian tells me that it makes foundation to go on amazingly smooth and his many clients like the gentle scent and no one has had an allergic reaction to it. He says he loves the Embryolisse line because “it’s simple and it works!” At only $20. per tube, miracles can happen for anyone!

Available: New London Pharmacy, 46 8th Ave, Robin Joy ,128 Charles Street and Temptu 26 W. 17th Street and at

I instantly fell in love with the smooth lather of the SkinMilk Shaving Milk.The sweet vanilla scented lather spread evenly over the skin and made shaving a breeze with the Noxzema 4 blade disposable razor. Botanical White Lily and Comfrey help cushion for close shaves and milk proteins and vitamins nourish, soothe and hydrate the skin. My legs were so moisturized that I haven’t thought twice about using my ‘use to be’ favorite shaving gel brand. Now, the only Nick I have to worry about the one that didn’t call me after I gave him my number.


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