When the oldest cosmetic company in the world comes up with something new, I take notice. Since 1872, Shiseido has been making women more beautiful and has introduced many “firsts” to the world, including being the first to use non-animal sourced hyaluronic acid in 1985. Their latest launch is the new Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum, which uses their exclusive Bio-Regenesist formula to create fabulously young looking skin. This and other ingredients promote fibroblast proliferation, which in turn encourages production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Use twice a day and quickly see a reduction of wrinkles and increased firmness.

Available: Macys and


It’s not difficult to understand why women who are devoted to great skin care (count me in here) are intensely devoted to Sensai by Kanebo. This highly respected Japanese brand has been a leader in the study and the use of hyaluronic acid – that ever-so-necessary substance that we’re born with and sadly decreases as we age. Lack of it results in wrinkles and loss of the “cushy-ness” that young skin has. Last year, I told you about their Hydrating Mask, and this year, they’ve added two new products to the series, the Sensai Cellular Performance Hydrachange Cream and Hydrachange Essence. These new products were created to counter the decline of hyaluronic acid levels by stimulating our own hyaluronic acid synthesis. The Essence is a gentle spray that refreshes and hydrates and is the perfect base for under the cream. Keep it in your handbag for a cooling spritz anytime throughout the day. The cream, a rich but not greasy moisturizer, absorbs quickly and feels luxurious. Used together, you’ll have skin that is hydrated, supple and oh-so-smooth.

Available: Bergdorf Goodman and

We all know how great a glycolic peel is for our skin. It always feels so smooth and baby soft afterwards, as well as tightened, plumper and fresher looking. But professional peels are costly, as well as time consuming, and at-home peels have a low dosage of glycolic acid because of potential harm from improper use. The new and unique Brazilian Peel by Advanced Home Actives has solved the dilemma! They’ve created an at home peel that contains 30% glycolic acid, along with a time released neutralizer so in simple terms, ya’ can’t screw this up! The pre-measured ingredients are housed in a two-part injector, and when the plunger is pushed, equal amounts of acid and neutralizer are released together. Apply to face and shortly you’ll feel it get nice and warm. Wait ten minutes and the glycolic acid will cool down and be neutralized, wash your face and you’re done! Along with glycolic acid, there’s the natural antioxidant acai in the formula and together this powerful combination creates skin that is brighter, smoother, and more radiant.

Tip: There’s plenty of product in the syringe-like applicator, so you can include your neck and décolletage; even back of hands, or you can use half, put the cap back on and use the rest in a few days.

Available: Sephora Stores and

Those who suffer from acne often go to the dermatologist’s office and sit in front of a blue light to help banish breakouts. Along with being expensive, it’s quite time consuming. Who has time to run to the doctor’s office every time you feel a breakout coming on? You don’t have to anymore! You can now get the blue light to use at home whenever you need it. The Tria Skin Clarifying System is an easy to use hand held device that will make acne sufferers rejoice. It’s also good for those who get only the occasional or monthly breakout. I asked NYC Dermatologist, Dr. Anne Chapas, for her expert opinion on the Tria unit and she tells me, “It greatly differs from the other devices on the market because it delivers the same high power energy as my office blue light in an efficient time frame. Other devices have small areas of contact or can take up to 40 minutes to do the same treatment. I think it’s great for people in between office laser visits or for people with mild to moderate inflammatory (red bump, pustular) type acne. If acne is cystic or more of a clogged pore variety the light is not as effective”

You only need to use the Tria a few minutes daily, and within seven days you’ll see results. I personally never get breakouts, but I had two people test it out, and both loved it and saw a huge improvement. The kit also comes with a special cleanser and rebuilding complex. This gizmo is a blue light spedial you don’t want to miss!


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