Skin care companies continue their anti-aging research and won’t stop until we all look 10 years younger, without plastic surgery. Three cheers for them! We all know that UV rays, free radicals and glycation are major causes of skin aging, and much of that can be prevented with SPF, antioxidants and watching sugar intake. And now, the scientists at Artistry Cosmetics have been hard at work learning even more about how the skin ages and have developed a luxurious new cream, called Artistry Crème LuXury that energizes the skin, minimizes fine lines and loss of elasticity. Their latest findings include a patent pending CellEffect technology that contains cardiolipin which has clinical significance in the treatment of many diseases. It’s 30 times the price of gold and helps the skin replace lost lipids, which are vital to keeping skin energized and young looking. Along with this, the cream contains spinach extract and L-Carnosine. Hence, this is one pricey cream, but I am seeing some nice results on my skin and not willing to give it up!


As a skin care editor, I’m constantly asked about which products I love as well as for recommendations for great eye creams. My latest obsession: Specifics Ultimate Eye Cream by Cliniqua Ivo Pitanguy. This rich, silky cream addresses the aging around the eye area by delivering intense hydration, firmness and elasticity. Created in Rio in the Clinique of the one of the most famous plastic surgeons in the world, and made in Switzerland, the cream also targets dark circles, puffiness, and repairs skin down on a cellular level with ingredients such as candela, cotton oil, aloe vera extract, and peptides. It contains antioxidants such as pomegranate and vitamin E, rose butter to nourish and highly moisturize and essential oils that soothe. Use AM and PM and you’ll see the skin around your eyes looking better in a short time.

Available: Bergdorf Goodman, and

What constitutes a great facial cleanser for me is one that takes off my makeup completely and easily, can be used around the eye area without burning, and soothes my dry, sometimes sensitive skin. The Patyka Rosewood Milk Cleanser, from France, fills all those requirements very well. This natural cleanser contains chamomile, shea butter, sesame, jojoba, vitamins A, E & F and is really ideal for normal to dry skin. The ingredients are so good for your skin that it’s recommended that you simply gently tissue it off, don’t rinse with water and let the residue moisturize your skin. You’ll love that it also has the prestigious Eco-Cert certification.

Available: New London Pharmacy, 8th Ave & 22nd St, and

All the priciest creams in the world won’t do your skin as much good as they possibly can if they can’t work their way through the dead cells sitting on top of your skin. . Not only does exfoliating take off those dead skin cells so that your creams can penetrate better, exfoliation also increases cell turnover, and helps rid the skin of mild sun damage and dullness.

Paula Begoun, the Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, author, as well as the creator of Paula’s Choice skin care line, has created a new exfoliation system that offers a one-two punch. The RESIST Skin Resurfacing & Smoothing System has a Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acid as well as a Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Use the daily treatment in the evenings followed by serum and moisturizer and you’ll have clearer radiant skin. Then once a week use the 10% treatment at night for an even more intense treatment. If your skin isn’t sensitive, keep on overnight, if it is, wash off after ten minutes. Follow with serum and moisturizer.


Whether we’re a top of the line luxury skin care aficionado, or a budget beauty shopper, we all have affection for the natural products by Burt’s Bees. Their brand new body lotions will have you buzzing. Available in a few scents, even a non-scent, my favorite is the Milk and Honey Body Lotion. It’s made from milk, honey, coconut oil, grape seed and sunflowers oils, and its soft fragrance is naturally derived from honey, vanilla, lemon and mint. Their lab has come up with a new process that makes it sink into the skin even more quickly than before, so your skin will feel soft instantly, but never greasy.

Available: and major natural and drugstore retailers.

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