You know something is good when top spas have their own nickname for it! Aestheticians refer to emerginC’s vitamin C and retinol mask as the perfect “Hot Date Mask;” one that can solve any beauty dilemma. The clay-based mask makes a huge difference even after only one use. Lemon juice brightens skin and vitamin C is always a benefit. With the help of retinol and green tea, skin tone is more even and dead skin cells are gone. You need to look amazing for your Valentine’s date in less than 24 hours? No product is better.


Avon is venturing into new frontier with their ANEW Ultimate Age Repair Elixir and Night Cream. With exclusive and technologically advanced ingredients, these products will help recreate a youthful look. They are the first anti-aging treatments that harness the combined power of Sirtuin Youth Proteins and Remodeling Proteins, creating healthier essential youth cells and rebuilding firmness, density and cushion within the skin. The luxurious cream delivers results in just three days and the highly concentrated elixir makes skin feel and look immediately firmer and tighter. Join Avon and explore a new technique in anti-aging…your skin will thank you! or by calling 1-800-FOR-AVON


Is your skin drying up more and more as winter continues to take over? Or are you one of the lucky ones who is prepping for lots of sun on a tropical vacation? Either way, Clarin’s HydraQuench Multi-Climate Care line will suit your needs! This line of moisturizers has unique benefits no matter what climate you may be in. The cream is great for normal to dry skin and the cooling cream-gel and lotion are ideal if you’re in a hot and humid area. Skin parched from a weekend on the slopes? The Rich Cream nourishes and soothes perfectly, and the Serum Bi-Phase is emergency care for tight, dehydrated skin. Why not grab the whole line so you’re prepared no matter what the weather!

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When was the last time you used bar soap? Well, it’s time to give them another shot. Pure & Natural’s Cleansing Bars are extremely moisturizing and nourishing, unlike most bar soaps. Using herbs, flowers and fruits, Pure & Natural’s new soaps come in three scents and their large square shape make gripping and soaping up easy. What’s more, continue with your new year’s resolution to be more environmentally conscious, and plant the soap’s box! It’s all natural and organic, with flower seeds imbedded within it. Grow a garden and smell like one too!

Duane Reade, Food, Drug and Mass stores.


Skin all stressed out? Tired of feeling tight and uncomfortable all the time? Reach for skyn Iceland’s Pure Cloud Cream with biospheric complex. It soothes and calms skin, providing hyper-protection from the elements and relief for super-sensitive skin that often plagues us in the winter. This light-as-air cream, with its refreshing but never overwhelming scent, rescues your skin and soothes away irritation and inflammation with aloe and oat extract. On top of that, peptides help to stimulate endorphins…so you’re skin can be smooth and refreshed and you can be relaxed and happy all at once!

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Champagne, truffles and caviar. These ingredients would help to make a very fancy Valentines celebration for sure…but they also help make your face just as impressive. Om Luxe FACE Collection is a 3-step organice skincare system that not only pampers but also creates luminous results. The Champagne facial cleanser purifies skin and gently exfoliates with crushed Champagne Grapeseeds. Truffles take over in the next step as they hydrate and restore skin’s luminosity, with 7 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Last, but far from least, caviar repairs and redefines the delicate skin around your eyes, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and bring back your youthful radiance. What a better way to indulge in these elegant ingredients and not worry about your waistline increasing!

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