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Taking an active role in maintaining the beauty of your skin is a real treat. It’s a therapeutic way of affirming you’re definitely worth the fuss – and the money! But what if there was a way others could benefit from your beauty? After all, you know how the saying goes: “It’s better to give than to receive.” Well, we’ve found some scrumptious products whose companies give back to charitable causes both locally and abroad. Who knew beauty could be so benevolent?

Using organic produce harvested by farmers, the Yes to Carrots skincare line is the alpha of beta products – beta carotene, that is. Beta-carotene is a well known age-defying antioxidant that helps prevent and reduce free radical damage; and every one of these products – from cleanser to moisturizer to mask – contain a burst of this good stuff. And if you thought that was pretty fab, let me dangle one more carrot over your head with another yummy tidbit: The line also contains mud and minerals from the Dead Sea, which are known for their purifying and penetrating properties as well as enabling cell renewal and stabilization. Yes to Carrots has its own non-profit organization called the Seed Fund that teaches and provides the tools for impoverished communities to grow and sustain organic produce for the betterment of their health. Available at

Ready for a C-charge? EmerginC is a leading cosmeceutical company that has A-listers like Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Anniston and Halle Berry slathering on its magic potions. When you purchase the multivitamin + retinol serum – easily recognizable by its protective air-tight bottle full of colorful “beady” active ingredients of vitamins E, C, H and K and antioxidants – not only will you be tightening, plumping, and hydrating the skin, but also 10% of the cost will go to The Libby Ross Foundation to help the fight against breast cancer. Available at

With all this fuss over moisturizing our visage, let’s take a minute to keep our hands and the rest of our body in check! Thistle Farms rescues the most exposed part of our body (the one that really reveals our age – eek!) with a hand-made hand lotion that contains essential oils like grape seed and rice bran plus the healing power of olive oil and nourishing Vitamin E. And we can’t forget that our body needs a nice rub down once and awhile. The salt scrub contains olive oil and natural sea salts that slough off dead skin cells to get rid of the dull and bring on the glow.

Each bath and body product from the line offers a variety of scents – lavender, rose grapefruit, citrus vanilla, Tuscan earth, and tea tree mint – or for any of you with extra sensitive skin, there’s the option of buying unscented. All the proceeds go directly to the company, which is a non-profit that helps women of domestic and sexual abuse get back on their feet. In fact all the products are made by the women themselves. What a way to start healing! Available at

And since we covered the hands and the body, it’d be wise to cover our smoochers – after all, soft lips never go out of style. We are in love with Eco Lips, a premium organic lip balm company that uses the highest quality ingredients and offers a zillion types of mouth-watering flavors including special formulas for athletes, vegans, and cold sore sufferers. The company donates 1% of its profits to various organizations that support environmental causes and carbon offsets. Available at

For you no-fuss, no-nonsense types, here’s a cream that takes care of your anti-aging regime in one simple step. With Regen de Peau II Pene-Fusion 8 Technology by Oli-Co, LLC, there’s no need for toners, eye creams, or anything else you’re used to putting on your face. This luxurious cream in a purple jar does it all by sealing your skin like a “liquid bandage”, penetrating deep into your pores and delivering peptides, enzymes, and a whole slew of other essential ingredients that protects against free radicals and allows your skin to absorb oxygen. With regular use, you’ll notice an increase in your skin’s volume and hydration and a visible reduction in pore size, wrinkles, discoloration, and even scars! In fact, Regen de Peau II is such a powerful healer of scars that the company donates to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Burn Trauma Unit and is in the midst of establishing its own foundation called “Cause for Kids”, which will similarly aid young burn victims. Available at

Being in a hood full of skyscrapers is one thing, but sometimes we gals just want to take a trip out to the beach and experience the elements for ourselves. So what’s a girl to do if you can’t lounge at the seashore all day? No worries. La Prairie’s Advanced Marine Biology line has taken the goodies of the ocean and put it in a bottle. (Okay, so you might not think it’s as exhilarating as hanging at the beach, but after trying these products, your face might disagree with you!) Using a safe aquaculture technology, La Prairie has carefully and responsibly extracted age-defying ingredients from the ocean such as horsetail, mineral-rich sea water, sea parsley, and pearl powder to create a line that protects, replenishes, and repairs. In partnership with Celine Cousteau, granddaughter of legendary “oceanaut,” Jacques Cousteau, the company will donate a percentage of every jar to her organization, the Ocean Futures Society, which fights to protect the environment and our open waters. Available at

Along with our creams, we love our gizmos! Nu Skin has created a Galvanic Spa System for face, scalp and body that we can use at home. Not that this can compete with professional lasers used at a professional laser center or a doctors office, but excellent results are being reported and the Galvanic Spa System is growing in popularity. It’s easy to use and takes only minutes. The kit, available in black or white, comes with interchangeable heads for the various body parts, and there are gels to be used for better results. And while your purchase will lift your skin to a more youthful glow, Nu Skin has been supporting the Force for Good Foundation and has donated over $16 million dollars since 2006 to create a better life for children in more than fifty different countries around the globe.

So what are you waiting for?  Shop, stay beautiful, and support the world!

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