The Luxurious, Organic Way to Prep Your Skin for Spring


I used to think that the best time for cleaning was while procrastinating from a deadline but I recently learned that it’s great late winter when I’ve had it up-to-here with snow and slush and start to notice the tightly wrapped buds on neighborhood trees and applaud the still light sky at 5pm. The worst time for spring cleaning is when spring has sprung and it’s time to go outside and play. When it comes to spring cleaning I say save it for a rainy day. But when it comes to spring cleaning your personal temple, the time is now. Here’s how to thoroughly cleanse from the inside out in two simple steps:

Step #1: The Ultimate Detox from The Organic Pharmacy really is the ultimate. You don’t have to fast, suffer, crave, withdraw and/or suffer defeat. All you have to do is commit to cleaning up your diet for 10 days, start each day with some hot water and lemon juice, and take a regimen of supplements that include organic psyllium, slippery elm, linseed and green barley in the a.m. and p.m. At this writing I am on day #6. Do I have more energy? Check. Clean, clear and glowing skin everywhere: Check. Am I sleeping better? Oh yes. Do I have less brain fog and greater clarity? You know it. I am so on my game–this article is not even due for another week—which means I don’t have to procrastinate from this deadline by cleaning my nest.


Step #2: Get yourself to The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, New York. Go now. Do not delay. Book an 80 minute Bio-Radiance Facial with the regal La Juana and you will be transported to a land of serenity with astonishing results: a smoothed, soothed, glowing and firmed face. You will feel uplifted—and look it too. The 80-minute facial features my favorite natural and organic Amala products and includes astonishing ultrasound technology that does indeed lift. You will be cleansed, steamed, massaged, polished, masked and moisturized with Amala products expertly selected to suit your skin type and solve your probs.

La Juana chose a combination of jasmine hydrate products and cocoa bean rejuvenate products for me. I’ve used—and adored—the products (please see my previous reviews) but I lack La Juana’s extremely compassionate care and expert technique. If you are going to a special event, do this first. You will emerge from the facial without redness and with a noticeably uplifted glow that lasts.

Avail: Mandarin Oriental New York, 80 Columbus Circle at 60th Street, New York, NY 10023, 212.805.8800

The spa facial and the detox work exceptionally well together so be good to your temple and give it the detox it probably needs and the pampering it so deserves. This holistic approach will beautify you inside and out.

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