Streamline & Modify:
The Golden Rules For Updating Your Skin Care Routine for Summer



Summer is here and along with it, the hot, humid weather. You don’t have to overhaul your skincare regimen to accommodate more moisture in the air. Rather, you can make adjustments for battling conditions, adapting to more moisture in the outside air while your office and home air conditioners are keeping you cool all the while drying you out! We hereby present our Commandments of summer skin care!

Rule #1: Exchange creams for lotions.


Store those thick, rich creams formulated for dry, arid winter air in favor of lighter, yet just as moisturizing lotions. Thinner consistencies will prevent you from feeling coated in a second skin, yet will keep you super smooth. Squirt a generous puff of Olay Quench Active Hydration Mousse in your hands and spread it over your skin and viola! Watch that fluff melt like butter. You’ll be soft well into the evening hours.

Available: Major drugstores and


Luxe T’Fivve has a heavenly lotion, Moisturizing Body Smoother, which’ll keep you silky from your shoulders to your stems and it has an invigorating citrusy scent, to boot!

Rule #2: The same goes for face wash.


If your lovely face tends to break out a little more in the summer, because of sweat, excess oil production and other assorted skin bad guys, T’Fivve’s Facial Cleansing Foam won’t compound the problem. The cloud-like formula won’t clog pores and will provide a healthy cleanse.

Available at

Rule #3: Don’t neglect your toes.


It’s flip flop and strappy sandal season. Celebrate your foot fetish by taking extra special care of your toes. Walking in the city is hazardous to feet, so treat yourself an instant pedi with the help of a pedi brush and Avon Foot Works Watermelon Exfoliating Scrub. With its crisp scent and grainy texture, you can slough off the remains of the day. Follow with the accompanying Cooling Lotion.


Rule #4: Go fragrance Free.


Go naked…sort of! Put those intensely scented creams and lotions away for the summer and go fragrance free. Terralina’s Fragrance Free Body Lotion is a silicone, glycol and paraben-free natural line that saturates skin with softness sans smell. If you like to layer a signature summer scent, choose fruity, seasonal ones, like grapefruit, cucumber, melon and lemon instead of cloying, warm autumn staples like vanilla or fig. Even though the products don’t contain any citrus, they have a pleasing, fruity White Tea scent. PS: The line’s Facial Moisturizer is rich enough for those with extremely dry skin who don’t want to cease using heavy-duty nighttime cream.


Rule #5: Experiment with gel-like formulas.


Gel textures are popular in the summer, since the consistency doesn’t smother skin. Clinique’s Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief is a facial gel that absorbs in an instant. You get protection and maximum coverage without the mask-like feel. You don’t sacrifice any of the hydration, either.

Available: Fine department stores and

Rule #6: Oil is your friend.


The price of oil is skyrocketing, but that’s for cars, not your precious skin. Since you’re showing off more skin in these warmer months, Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Dry Oil imparts that oh-so-desirous sheen and luminous glow for your toned ‘n tanned arms and legs. If you apply when wearing a flirty LBD, you don’t have to worry about staining your clothes. Perfect for date night.

Available: Bloomingdales,

Rule #7: Remember those parts you tend to forget.


Hey, you’re busy. You can’t remember everything and you’re bound to forget about an inch or two of your skin in your mad dash to get ready and out the door. Anew Clinical Stretch Mark Smoother by Avon aims to reduce the appearance of those dreaded stretch marks, which surprisingly, most women suffer from whether or not they’ve been pregnant. This product will help combat the issue and work to minimize the appearance of unsightly stretch marks wherever they appear.


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