Super Itchy Dry Skin? Problem Solved!


Super itchy dry skin can be so severe in some that it affects daily life, be it lack of sleep, lack of confidence of appearance, constant itching, redness and discomfort. For most of us, it’s less severe, and targets specific areas such as elbows, knees or feet but is still uncomfortable and annoying.

Eau Thermale Avene, using their famous thermal water, has been my go to skin saver for years, and has recently launched a breakthrough cream that’s been twelve years in the making. While incredible for ordinary dry skin conditions, it’s destined to lead the pack when it comes to Atopic Dermatitis, also known as severe eczema.

If you’re not familiar with the Avene brand, you should know that their iconic thermal water has been used for centuries to treat skin conditions such as eczema and burns. As far back as 1743, the area had thermal pools which were used for those with skin conditions and in 1871, the thermal waters from Avene were sent to the US to help heal the burn victims of the Great Chicago Fire. In 1975, the hydrotherapy center was purchased by Pierre Fabre Labs who still own it today. Both children and adults with severe skin problems visit the treatment center for intense thermal water therapy. What’s so special about water? Without getting too technical, the quick response is that rainwater mixed with sea spray runs through the mountains of Avene, France and gets filtered by Dolomite rock and then a mere 50 years later, it’s ready to be used in products that are incredibly gentle and reparative to the skin. For you fact seekers, visit the Avene website for a more complete bio-geology lesson.

This latest cream, XeraCalm A.D.Lipid Replenishing Balm is like no other I’ve ever used. Its patented ingredient I-modulia is proven to reduce itching and inflammation while increasing skin’s defense ability, It’s super rich, but not greasy, and the annoying little patch of eczema I have behind my right ear gets immediately calmed and the itching stops within minutes. Note: there is no cure for eczema, just a way to keep it under control and I’ve found no better cream than this one. But I’m not stopping there, I’ve been using this cream as a barrier for the icy cold winter this year and my skin isn’t suffering from the usual rough dryness I often get on my cheeks in winter. At $32. for a large 6.75 ounce tube, I’m freely slathering it on my feet, shins, hands and every part of me with dry skin.

Simplicity lovers and purists, take note: read the ingredient label which will take you about a nano second because there are only three items listed: thermal spring water, I-modulia and cer-Omega, derived from evening primrose oil. Fragrance? Nope. Preservatives? Nada, Those clever folks at Avene are using a patented airtight safety cap that keeps the product sterile down to the last little dollup. The Avene XeraCalm A.D. cream is safe for everyone, even infants.

Remember, Punxsutawney Phil told us we’ve got six more weeks of winter. You want this cream, stat.

Available:, and doctor’s offices

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