Superberries, the Wonder in Skincare

Super berries have been hailed as nothing less than miraculous. Discovered to be full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, they have taken center stage in the natural anti-aging skin care market.

Sea Buckthorn is one of these super berries that has revolutionized the skin care industry with an oil naturally high in fatty acids, polyphenols, flavanoids and anti oxidants. Myhavtorn, a Swedish skin care line contains exclusive Artic Sea Buckthorn, harvested in the Bollebygd Valley of western Sweden. Myhavtorn, which means Sea Buckthorn in Swedish, is the oldest plant on Swedish soil since the Ice Age. This Artic Sea Buckthorn is respected for having the highest regenerative properties of all Buckthorn in the world because of the rich concentration of mineral water in the valley where it is hand harvested. I discovered the line through a friend who asked a pharmacist while vacationing in Sweden what was the best skin care line of Sweden. Myhavtorn he said without hesitation and she has been a fan of the line ever since helping its introduction to the United States. Myhavtorn‘s Facial Oil has the original yellow color of the Sea Buckthorn Berry it is extracted from. It is blended with Argan and Avocado oils to ease absorption and promote an amazing hydration of the skin and disappears instantly even when generously applied.

What is remarkable about this natural oil is that it meets the needs of your skin whether it is super dry or oily, balancing it out from within even if you have acne. The Facial Oil can be used independently or applied with a day or night cream. The organic Moisturizing Face Cream is suitable even for sensitive skin with its soothing Bergamot and Linden. The collection also includes a Cleanser, a Facial Essence, a Hand Cream, Nail Oil, Hair Oil and Body Oil. The products are produced in small batches in order to maintain a good shelf life without using preservatives which coupld possibly irritate skin explained founder Robin Johansson. For this reason, the Facial Essence should be used within six months he added “because it contains apple cider vinegar and essential oils and not an ounce of chemical preservative unlike many organic lines that still use chemicals in spite of their claims”. If you are a fine connoisseur of supremely organic raw and pure skin care give Myhavthorn a try.

The line is available at http://www.aylabeauty,com and is the skin choice of Julia Marsh owner of exclusive salon Integral Skin Care at 177 Prince Street in New York City.

Just a herrings throw from Sweden is Finland, where the very popular Lumene skin care line garners praises for its ability to nourish, hydrate and brighten the skin with the wonder properties of several Artic berries including Cloudberry, Sea Buckhorn, Blueberry, Lingonberry, Rosehip, Raspberry and Artic Spring water. Artic Lingonberry is rich in anti aging Quercetin, a powerful anti-oxidant, Artic Cloudberry’s nectar detoxifies the skin and gives it a healthy glow while Artic rosehip is rich in vitamin C. Lumene uses Stem Cell Technology to increase the effectiveness of the natural properties in the berries.

The new Rewind Line contains an anti-glycation compound to prevent the negative effects of sugar on our complexion. After holiday time filled with eggnog and sugary treats, trust me that your skin will be thirsty for such anti-glycation. The complete Rewind Recovery Night Cream feels like soft butter in the fingers and leaves your complexion fresh, velvety, deeply moisturized. I use it in the daytime too on harsh icy days. You can trust these Scandinavian skincare lines when it comes to facing grueling weather. The Complete Rewind Intense Recovery Beauty Oil is great for skiing and outdoors though very oily skins may find it slightly heavy. The Eye Cream is extremely silky and is easily absorbed by the delicate eye area. This paraben-free line also brightens your face. Lumene, while quite expensive in Finland is very reasonably priced in the US and easily available at Duane Reade and most drugstores.

Some believe that the Goji berry is the most healing food on the planet. It’s been revered in Chinese medicine for its anti-aging benefits since early times. Goji berries are rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, carotenoids as well as vitamin C.

According to numerous scientific studies, the Goji Berry helps reduce inflammation and oxidation in the skin, the two major causes of aging. L’dara, a new skin line has developed an exclusive patent they call LBP-5 Complex™ that enhances the molecular properties of the Goji berry that help fight aging and regenerate the skin. When applied, your face will become noticeably silkier, brighter and clearer immediately. Lauren Zeifman, the founder of Park Avenue Skin Solutions calls the brightening effect “the L’dara Glow”. She chose the serum exclusively for her practice because of the impressive rejuvenating results, the silky texture and the great radiance. Lauren tells me, “The oil-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free formulation caters to all skin types. I recommend it to my clients because it’s so simple and provides so many anti-aging benefits”. Clinical results attest to a 33% reduction of wrinkles and improvement of texture in four weeks.

Available only at and in New York at Park Avenue Skin Solutions.

These three skin care lines represent the best new berry based lines on the market. If you want to glow naturally and have great texture, start berry picking these products and find your favorites.

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