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As someone who knows more about the intricate mechanics of her smart phone than the required maintenance of her skin, the world of targeted skin care can be a bit daunting. The ambiguity mounts when realizing that, as a woman with a dark complexion, my skin care products and basic regimen may need to vary a bit from what I see publicized in the average commercial or beauty magazine. Now that I am approaching my thirties, I have realized that it’s time I face the facts about proper skin care.

Dr. Susan Taylor

My quest for knowledge began at the Bryant Park Hotel where I recently attended a beauty event hosted by Dr. Susan Taylor. As a renowned Harvard trained clinical dermatologist, Dr. Taylor specializes in the education and care of dark skin through her cosmetics line Rx for Brown Skin. I met with her in the living room of an ultra-modern hotel suite and listened intently as she explained the aliments plaguing many of her patients with dark complexions; the number one culprit being adult acne. Many people with brown skin not only suffer from regular breakouts, but also have grown increasingly frustrated by the onset of dark marks and blemishes that occur afterwards known as post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

In order to combat both acne and blemishes, Dr. Taylor created the Skin Perfecting Kit, which includes the Absolute Radiance Intensive Exfoliating Serum and Natural Flawless Advanced Botanical Brightener. Both products are formulated to maintain hydration, reduce melanin overproduction and decrease blemishes, which will inevitably improve and balance the complexion. The Age Block UV Shield SPF 15 sunscreen is include which I fully appreciated after learning that dark skin, like any other complexion, is also susceptible to increased aging and dark spots caused by sun damage.

These products not available until February.

Dr. Taylor then introduced me to her acne system with a formula containing soy and pomegranate to calm and hydrate the skin as well as salicylic acid to treat blemishes. The system consists of the Gentle Cleanser and Exfoliating Toner for daily purifying, both currently available for purchase. The new Clear Luminosity Hydrating Acne Lotion and Precise Clarity Acne Spot Treatment will be available in February.

I have heard the Rx for Brown Skin line raved about by other beauty editors, and now, after my meeting with Dr Taylor, it was time to experience the line firsthand. I began with the cleanser that washed away without leaving any oily or heavy residue. After applying the toner, my face was still soft and hydrated and it did not strip my face of moisture like many others I’ve tried. I was impressed that the hydrating acne lotion was rich, yet light in texture and relieved my skin of the itchy dryness I was experiencing from the increasingly cold weather. Seven days into using the serum and brightener, I noticed the blemishes I did have were much lighter and the skin tone in my most acne-prone areas were subtly evening out. My skin is fairly sensitive, but I experienced no stinging, sensitivity or allergic reactions. All of the products in the line are alcohol, dye and fragrance-free and I found the system very effective and simple to use, a major plus for any busy gal on the go.

For those of darker complexions, Dr. Taylor’s Rx for Brown Skin makes the concept of proper skin care approachable and a healthy face readily attainable.

For more information and to purchase products, go to:

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These products sound great! I can’t wait for them to be available! Thanks for the info and for writing about an important issue for so many women.


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