The Goody Bag: June 2005

As we yearn for walks in the park and patio dining, mother nature teases us with inconsistent weather. As one of countless workaholics in NYC, I look for any opportunity to primp and plan, a welcomed diversion from my reality, where my laptop and the coffee pot are my best friends. As you prepare for three months of weekend excursions or if you’re lucky, overpriced camp-style accommodations in the must see-and-be-seen Hamptons scene, we offer a few more tidbits on the latest items. And so, a few more products worthy of your hard earned dollars and precious time, to prepare you for the rat race…

Clinique CX Stretch Mark Cream
Sleek white and silver packaging exudes the upscale nature of Clinique’s CX line. We all love a nourishing face cream, but in the summer, our bodies require more attention than our faces. Clinique brings us one of the first designer, over-the-counter (OTC) stretch mark creams. In the past, products relied on shea and cocoa butter, but this one enlists peptides to strengthen skin, fruit extracts to maintain elastin, and caffeine, yeast, and sucrose to sooth and repair skin.

Environ C-Quence
Based in South Africa, Environ’s new line was created to diminish signs of photo aging like hyperpigmentation and uneven texture. Their new line includes a soothing eye gel with peptides, a vitamin enriched serum, and a two-part masque that embodies the lab-chic persona exhibited through their royal blue and silver packaging. The masque comes in a small box, with four powder packets and four vials of solution, the catalyst. Once mixed, you can leave the emulsion on your face for an hour or even overnight. It may not be instant gratification, but the price tag and the expiration date ensure continued use, because the product will expire.

I’m not one to trust any skin care line advertised online or in an infomercial. I heard about this company from my cousin, but was only excited by the fact that at 36, after two kids, she’d finally decided to add an anti-aging element to her skin care routine. Nevertheless, when a pr executive did her homework and read my bio, I decided to try it. Be forewarned – this is no line for PETA supporters, vegetarians or those who favor the Bible over Darwin. Somewhere between collagen and Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) on the list of ingredients, I noticed amniotic fluid, placental protein and calfskin extract.

Their claim to fame is the Fast Action Wrinkle Reducer, a serum whose efficacy is based on its ability to permeate the skin’s surface, thereby penetrating the dermis to the same degree Botox and Restylane injections do. The sample size isn’t revealed, but subjects in their double-blind clinical test witnessed a 64 percent reduction in wrinkle size over three months. They even go so far as to purport comparable results to Srivectin and Chanel’s Lift Serum Extreme Anti-Firming Complex, with stats produced by a California biotech, Batts Laboratories.

As for the Anti-Aging Eye Complex, a smoky thin liquid eye solution, I’m open to any product that promises to lighten under eye circles with something other than the ever-popular vitamin K. This works by increasing the flow of oxygen and reducing inflammation, thereby restoring normal coloring. The line also includes a lip plumping solution and a cellulite reduction lotion. They offer a free two-week supply, after which you must cancel to stop getting bimonthly shipments. Please note – this is a product with a sliding price scale – feel free to negotiate. Once my cousin decided to cancel her shipments, she was coerced to keep them, getting the products for nearly half what she’d paid prior.

Clinique CX Stretch Mark Cream $95 Saks Fifth Avenue or

Environ™ C-Quence Gel 1, $110, C-Quence Eye Gel, $84, C-Quence Masque Critique, $114 or call 877-337-6227

Hydroderm Fast Action Wrinkle Reducer $79.95, Anti-Aging Eye Complex $39.95 or 1-800-381-8071

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