The Goody Bag: May 2005


Fall and spring fashion lines only scratch the surface when it comes to seasonal trends. The cosmetics industry, with its exploding specialty skin care component, nearly guarantees a handful of new lines each season. Industry executives feel the pressure to release something new or at least an innovative take on old mainstays. Estee Lauder’s post-Aerin transformation is pressure enough to keep the momentum going, and if she can woo Tom Ford, there’s no stopping her. But the marketplace has a variety of corporate spin-offs and indie lines; while we’ve yet to find one company with an entirely irresistible line, each company usually boasts one best-seller.

The well-respected Olay body line garnered much attention with their highly advertised Quench line. New products include the salicylic acid-based cleansers, which are infused with sage and green tea; updated disposable foaming pads, referred to as ‘discs,’ contain witch hazel, Beta-Hydroxy and aloe; the surprisingly effective 7 Signs Serum; the Daily Illuminating Lotion; and the Quench body lotions. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the serum actually delivers nearly have of the promises instantaneously – it soothes skin and makes pores appear smaller, creating the perfect matte finish. The Complete Multi-Radiance Daily Illuminating UV Lotion does exactly what the run-on title promises, with a broad spectrum SPF 15; Muscovite Mica is responsible for the light reflecting properties while Mandarin extract induces a rosy flush. The Quench Radiance Reviver Body Lotion leaves a slight shimmer and like tanning lotion, the barely noticeable touch of color builds with each application.

For some reason, Ariane Spa’s new skin care line is sold at T.J. Maxx. However, most of the four products contain the same staple ingredients high end solutions do, like Retinyl Palmitate, aloe and amino acids. The line includes a rich night cream, a cooling gel eye treatment, and a day cream with SPF 20, but the ingenious product is the hand crème. A perfect treatment for middle-aged ladies – not only does it have SPF 20, but it contains a bleaching agent to lighten spots.

Sue Devitt makes her skin care debut with The Microquatic Treatment, a luxury line that mixes marine and flower extracts with amino acids and ceramides. All of the products are excellent oil-free moisturizers that come in ultra-fem baby blue jars. The eye cream contains ceramides and peptides to stimulate collagen production, natural extracts to sooth skin, and citrus fruit extract, an alternative to vitamin K, used to reduce dark circles by strengthening capillary walls.

The Tiger’s Eye (TTE) skin care line is not the stuff you’d like to adorn your bathroom walls – but it’s clear the money that wasn’t spent on marketing and packaging went to R&D – and the products work. The products are suitable for all skin types – the aloe vera base is responsible for the gentle nature. The product line rums the gamut from my favorite, the Purifying Seaweed Cleanser, to the Wild Yam Cream and the Alpha hydroxy Peel, a leave-on lotion that comes in 10% or 15% concentration.

Olay line ranges from $6.99 to $18.99, CVS and Duane Reade.

Ariane Spa $10, T.J. Maxx

The Microaquatic Treatment line is sold exclusively at Barneys. Products range from $40 to $125.

The Tiger’s Eye line ranges from $4 to $50; the skincare set retails for $94,

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