The Goody Bag: July 2006


[b][i]Sampar Prodigal Pen[/i][/b] Summer is a time of active sebaceous glands and sweating galore. I sweat so much that natural deodorants are out of question and I even considered Botox shots in the underarms. But, for those that sweat allover, a more fearful happening is the summer breakout. Since I’m always on high alert for great new acne items, I had to try this one. Not only is Sampar’s latest item chic and discreet, it’s an alternative to the chemical-based drying mainstays. The Prodigal pen is an adorable pink vial with a pewter roller-ball applicator tip that dispenses clear liquid comprised of eight essential oils, including cinnamon, a most powerful essence that functions as a natural antiseptic.

[b][i]Avance Azulen Day Crème[/i][/b] How often do you find a rich day cream that’s not greasy, has no smell, and isn’t chock full of alcohol and chemicals. Avance Azulen Day Crème contains seaweed extract, moisturizing humectants, chamomile oil, and Eqyptian Blue Chamomile (azulen flower), all soothing ingredients that create a smooth texture and provide a great base for makeup.

[b][i]EmerginC Hydra-Repair Intensive Infusion Capsules[/i][/b] Over the last year, I’ve become a slave to healing creams. I fall prey to any biotec promoting their scientists’ latest creations. However, I took a break from my regimen to try the vitamin A,E, and F infused-EmerginC capsules. For one, I’m a fan of any solution that’s packaged in capsules because it ensures the efficacy of the product by stabilizing the main ingredients. Though they look like a normal size capsule these are actually quite large – there’s enough in one to coat your face, neck, and upper chest. I must admit the oily consistency worried me; I even had a nightmare that I’d wake up with small cysts all over my face. Ladies, it’s a sad day when a girl has nightmares about acne rather than dreams about vacations and compliant beautiful men! Thankfully, the results were quite the opposite. When I awoke after five alarms, the face in the mirror had smooth, clear skin with uniform texture and color. These will surely come in handy when winter nears.

Sampar’s Prodigal Pen is available at
Avance Azulen Day Crème is available at Amazon
EmerginC products are available at

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