The Goody Bag: May 2006


For hetero NYC gals, finding a job, a decent man, and a reasonably price critter-free apartment are all equally daunting tasks. We are probably more loyal to our hairdressers and estheticians than we are to anyone in our contact list. Now we have to face the intimidating task of choosing which skin care products to use. I’d venture to say that we probably have the same attention span for products that we do for prospective boyfriends – a few months at best. But, there are always items that will shock and impress us, like that guy who can express his emotions [i]and[/i] stick around long enough to hear yours. Like luring suitors Grade A goods are hard to find but when they present themselves we place them in The Goody Bag. This month we bring you stable retinol, fragrance-free moisturizer, and a product that’ll spawn eyelashes to boot.

Whenever I mention my beat of choice, people always ask about products for sensitive skin. Whether sun, stress, or excessive use of product is to blame, one thing is for sure – it’s nearly impossible to find a moisturizer without chemicals and added fragrances.

The California-based organic cosmetics company [b]Nature Girl[/b] produces a variety of irresistible products from the [b]Eco Chic salt scrub[/b] to the [b]Groovy Locks shampoo[/b]. However, the [b]Super Sensitive Skin Face Lotion[/b] is a rare product. Though it’s made with purified water, safflower oil, algae, olive extract and shea butter the absence of fragrance is what lures us because chemical sunscreen and added fragrances are often to blame for outbreaks and reactions. However, there’s a bonus too – all Nature Girl products are made with ingredients from small organic farms and if you’re the kind of gal whose bedroom looks like an Anthropologie ad, Nature Girl bottles will blend right in.

For years, we’ve seen companies like Elizabeth Arden sell tiny capsules of product but to be honest did we really understand the purpose? If you read enough about products, you know that efficacy is not based solely on ingredients but the quality of ingredients and the ability to permeate the skin’s surface. The latest struggle is packaging; how do you deliver a product that will stay fresh and maintain its power once exposed to the elements? [b]Drs. Rodan & Fields[/b] will soon launch two additions to their [b]Anti-Age system – Night Treatment with Skin Recovery Complex cream and Night Treatment Capsules With Retinol-Peptide Blend serum[/b]. Each capsule contains a single dosage; the packaging ensures the efficacy of retinol, an unstable agent, because it’s not exposed to air until meant for use.

Of all the cosmetic flaws I’ve noticed, thin eyelashes were the last on my mind. But, perhaps I never worried about eyebrow and eyelash hair because I assumed there was nothing we could do about it. That is all about to change.

Derma Diva and skin care extraordinaire [b]Jan Marini[/b] has already sold more than 25,000 units of her [b]Age Intervention Eyelash[/b], a product that helps encourage eyelash growth. Unlike other products that condition the lashes, this one conditions the lash line to stimulate growth. The price tag is shocking thanks to the costly proprietary formula, but one tube lasts six months because you need only apply it to the lash line at night. Results have been so amazing that some claim to have up to three rows of hair on the lash line but, you must continue using the product to maintain results. Of all the units sold, only 25 people have reported a reaction or allergy.

Nature Girl Sensitive Skin Face Cream 5 oz $38

Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash $160 800-347-2223 [url=][/url]

Rodan & Field Night Treatment 60 Capsules $75 (two-month supply), Night Treatment Cream $90

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