The Goody Bag: March 2006


My revelation of late is that March is the blah month. School vacation is over, there are no holiday weekends, and spring is still months away. While the sweatshirt-clad tourists stream in and out of our city, we face the dull days, knowing wishful dilemmas, like which self-tanner to use, are still weeks away. So, what are we to do when the day drags on and happy hour slips away? The answer is, stay home, order take out, and enjoy the wonders of virtual retail therapy.

Not since Tahitian Noni have I found such a wonderful scrub that despite the countless jars of product in my shower requires rationing. Though Not Soap, Radio’s latest launch, I’m Not Here, I’m Really offers a few different varieties, including a tropical scented line and the lavender and apricot variety, my favorite is Walking the Red Carpet, the line that contains cranberry and red currant jasmine.

The consistency of the product is one that’s hard to come by; this isn’t another raw sugar or sea salt scrub infused with oils, though I’m a fan of those too. This smooth, scrumptious concoction can only be likened to lumpy fruit pulp. A quick search on the Web revealed that the mystery main ingredient, Butyrospermum Parkii, is in fact shea butter, which is produced from the nuts of the African Karite tree. This natural element is responsible for the consistency, but it’s also rich in fatty acids. The cranberry seeds help wash away dead skin cells while the safflower oil and the shea butter extract moisturize skin, leaving a subtle shine behind.

Back in November, while working a temporary gig at a major glossy, I heard one of the beauty editors talking about a new product that contained both a teeth whitener and a lip-gloss. Now, months later, this product has materialized and it’s everything I expected.

Dr. Pia Lieb, a local cosmetic dentist, just released SexySmile™ in five colors, including a transparent gloss, a coral shade, and a berry red. We don’t need a study to tell us this one will be a must-have, but I’ll divulge the details for skeptics. The lip-gloss contains shea butter, apricot oil and vitamins A and E, and the teeth whitener contains hydrogen peroxide and peppermint oil, among other ingredients. Dr. Lieb recommends using the product after drinking red wine or coffee. If you’re addicted to caffeine like I am, just remember you can only use this six times a day!

To be honest, I wasn’t too impressed when I first saw the images of the Sedona Valley Spa products. But, a quick read through their materials sparked my curiosity, mainly because of the uncommon ingredients used in a few of their items , such as cactus extract and yucca.

Though the line is comprised of eight products including scrubs, a mud product, a mist, and a foot cream, my favorite is the body moisturizer. The Yucca & Agave Body Moisturizer has a refreshing herbal and floral scent, and is rich and creamy. It’s so unusual and addictive, that among the five body creams that compete for space on my dresser, this one most often trumps the others.

Not Soap, Radio’s I’m Not Here, I’m Really collection ranges in price from $18-20, available at, Neiman Marcus, and Henri Bendel.

SexySmile™, $28.50, available in March at Henri Bendel and, and in April at

Sedona Valley Spa products range from $10-18, available at

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