TLC For Summer Nails


Sexy hands are crucial – especially from now until Labor Day. And you can’t have sexy hands without sexy nails. The problem is that during the summer months, all the stuff we love doing – being outside at the beach, being in the water – makes it even harder to keep good nail care going.

Let’s do some inventory. How are your nails looking – cracked, soft, in need of some repair?

Tips – we need tips! – to get those nails ready in time for July 4th weekend.

Curb those cuticles
Your nails don’t stand a fighting chance unless those cuticles are under control. Two products will save your life. Burt Bees Cuticle Butter and – surprise! – Rosebud Lip Balm/Salve. This lip treatment also manages to soften cuticles like nothing else.

Keep those nails strong
Nailtiques is your best bet for strengthening nails, making them more resilient. Any trouble with nails softening/weakening – this is the trick.

Also, you ALWAYS want to have a good base coat of nail polish on to reinforce and protect the nail.

Next – keep them bright and shiny. You want good color, and you want GOOD color.
A couple of problem areas to address –

Have you been having problems with yellowing nails? To fix ’em up, try soaking in lemon juice for a bout thirty minutes! This should help the problem disappear. And in the future, using that base coat of color will help out with the yellowing situation too. You need that base coat there BEFORE applying your colored polish so the color doesn’t have direct contact with the nail – which causes all sorts of discoloration problems. The base coat works as a really good block to stop all that.

Have you been having problems with bubbly-polish? This is very common and easily correctable. Before applying your nail polish, roll the bottle between your hands instead of shaking the bottle up. The shaking is what causes the bubbles in the first place!

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize Keeping your hands in good shape is vital to keeping your nails that way too. Two names in the moisturizing game to never forget. One – Restoration hardware No Crack Hand Cream – great for your whole hand, keeps skin looking soft and pliant. Two – L’occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, which people will travel to the end of the earth for.

And…ah, massage. As if you need an excuse. It is important to keep the blood flowing through your hands. So, get to rubbing…

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