Tone Up – Get Your Skin In Shape For Spring

Along with the warm spring weather comes changes in the clothes you wear, maybe even the foods you eat, how much you exercise, but this is also a time to change up your skincare routine in favor of lighter, fresher products that are just as effective. One product that there is always a debate over using or not, is facial toner. I’ve been a long time fan of toners, especially in the spring and summer, as I have always felt that with one simple swirl of a cotton ball or mist on the face, they ensure my skin stays clean, fresh and luminous. Why not add this simple step to your routine to help achieve that desired healthy glow?

If you don’t want to travel far for good skin now you don’t have to, because June Jacobs has done it for you. On a recent trip to Singapore, the spa maven discovered the exotic Vanda Orchid, a coveted, beautiful and rare species of orchid. The orchid extract is revered for its anti-oxidant and reparative properties and includes skin-fortifying minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc to boost skins immunity. The new collection of Vanda Orchid products are fragrant daily indulgences for soft, healthy skin, free of parabens, preservatives, dyes and sulfates. Included in the line is the Vanda Orchid Mist, a fragrant toner that you can spray onto the skin anytime you want a spa-like experience. Now knowing that the star ingredient is from Singapore, I find myself spritzing this spray before bed, during a stressful day or anytime I want to be taken to a far away land. And hey, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a flight to Asia.

Available:, and Prestige Spas nationwide.

Sometimes skin may not transition into spring as easily as you would like…new products can cause breakouts, increased sensitivity, oilness or other annoyances. One ingredient that works wonders and will soothe, hydrate and relieve irritated skin is Chamomile. Tammy Fender, founder of a holistic and natural skincare line, located out of West Palm Beach, FL, uses this key ingredient in her Roman Chamomile Tonic.

Egyptians have praised Roman Chamomile for ages for its legendary curative properties. The tonic will relieve tired, puffy skin (even around the eyes), prevent against moisture loss and help heal blemishes and reduce scarring. It comes in a unique coffee-colored apothecary-like jar, with a pump for easy transfer to a cotton ball. After I pumped a squirt onto a cotton ball and rubbed it over my face, the cool chamomile was immediately soothing, making my complexion revitalized and balanced. During the summer I’m definitely keeping this in a cool spot to apply to my skin if I get too much sun. In the meantime, I’m using it anytime I want to whip my skin into shape.

Available: and her spa in W. Palm Beach, Fla

Everyone today seems to take vitamins, but what about vitamins in the form of a spray for your face? Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well a new collection of face-saving skincare products from The Face Collection from C.O. Bigelow, contain three exclusive complexes to renew, restore, protect and preserve skin. The Healthy Skin Complex contains a unique blend of super-boosted vitamins and antioxidants for healthy, strong skin; the Anti-Pollution Complex is formulated to shield skin from environmental aggressors like smoke and pollution by releasing potent vitamin C and E to protect skin; and the Skin Renewal Complex is formulated to combat signs of aging and skin dehydration, with vitamin D, soy and apple extract. One star product in the Face Collection is the Vitamin Boost Toner, a nutrient-packed formula that perks up fatigued, dull skin to encourage a healthy complexion, neutralizing negative environmental effects on the skin. I’ve been using this spray before workouts for an added invigorating boost, or anytime I feel fatigued and need a pick-me-up, my skin and senses definitely reap the benefits.

Available: C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries and

Warmer weather can also bring another problem for those with skin that tends to be oily…increased oil production and shine that can leave you feeling less than fresh.

To address this ever-present need, Lisa Price, aka Carol’s Daughter, created a specific regimen, called Wash Away the Oil which gently dissolves oil buildup while providing clean-feeling moisture that oily complexions crave. The Wash Away the Oil Toner provides a dose of nature’s grime-fighters: Lemongrass and Meadowsweet to help normalize overactive oil glands as Geranium refines pores and Aà§ai Berry delivers film-free moisture. The refreshing blend can be used after cleansing or whenever skin needs a toning boost. The elegant bottle contains a tiny spout for easy pouring onto the cotton ball or swab of your choice, perfect for anytime you want to be shine-free in a snap.

Available at and Sephora

Antioxidants are obviously a hot topic today, everyone is concerned with eating the right ones and putting them on the skin, but what about antioxidants that come in a convenient spritzing bottle, perfect for anytime during the day, even over makeup to refresh the skin? Dermalogica’s new Antioxidant HydraMist, part of the AGE Smart line, is a spray-on treatment that will stimulate collagen synthesis, replenish the skin with vitamins for antioxidant protection, deliver instant hydration, and provide immediate flash firming effects. White Tea, Licorice and Vitamin E shield against free radicals while aloe provides a necessary dose of moisturization. All of the AGE Smart products, including HydraMist, will address the underlying factors that lead to signs of premature aging, including wrinkles, dehydration and loss of elasticity to the skin. This would be the perfect spray to bring along to the park or beach on a spring day to replenish and recharge, making you ready to face anything!

Available: as well as select salons and spas nationwide.

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