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Nanotechnology. Micro Shielding Capsules. Things you’d think would be associated with NASA right? Only if those astronauts have great skin! I have spoken with makeup artists, skin care specialists and beautiful people alike and a surprising contingency have the same answer to the question of what skin care they use? Awake. Even the snootiest of snoots love this line and they have plenty of reasons to.

Awake comes from Japan by way of the Kose Corporation which has been around since 1946, but this is not the pearl cream from those 80’s commercials. Their core philosophy is “to help each woman awake to her true beauty” and the line utilizes natural enzymes, extracts, and vitamins to accomplish it. It also appeals to all ages with a wide range of products for different areas of concern, mine specifically to combat problem skin and doo preventative work against Father Time.

Leading the quest for perfect skin was the Deep Purity Clay Wash which is a foaming gel recommended occasionally for combination/problem skin and daily for oily skin types. The nice thing about this cleanser is that you don’t feel sapped of all moisture but you don’t feel greasy either. Just comfortable. The sea clay is absorbent but not drying and is very effective.

Then from the Vital Express line (one of my favorites from Awake) I used the Vital Express Lotion Serum A Toner. Mouthful, no? This is where those micro shielding capsules made their debut on my face. Awake has stabilized the Vitamin A making this the first product to contain it in a lightweight liquid that allows absorption. It also contains Vitamins C and E. Now, I hear Vitamins A, C, and E all the time but honestly was never certain on what they did. Here’s the skinny:

VITAMIN A (retinol): improves skin texture, firmness, and smoothness

VITAMIN C: supports collagen production, brightens skin tone and minimizes discoloration

VITAMIN E: provides antioxidant protection and prevents skin dryness

I always enjoy playing with new concepts and actually having fun with products so the Deep Purity Smoothing Wash was very exciting for me. What? Normal people don’t get excited about that? Check it out. So you apply the wash all over dry skin and wait a minute for it to dry. Then the fun begins! You massage your skin gently and the product starts to kind of ‘pill’ off. Then, you add water, it foams and rinses away. But what is it actually doing? You’re getting double exfoliation, one manual and one Alpha Hydroxy Acid/cellulose plant fibers, getting rid of icky skin and oil leaving you with beaming, fresh skin. It’s simply lovely.

I asked about a moisturizer and was told that the best thing for me would be to use the oil free Serum Un-Sign (also available in dry skin). I’m not going to lie to you. I don’t often use moisturizer in the summer because I am a shiny girl, but the serum was a nice light option. But understanding it requires get ready for a little science lesson. There are these things called Superoxide Dismutases (SOD for short) and they come from yogurt and yeast. They’re antioxidants that mimic the structure of enzymes in your skin that do war with free radicals. They also invite more oxygen in for tea resulting in better cell turnover. Still with me? Serum Un-Sign does all of that one better because they put a little balloon around the SODs called “Protectsome” which protects the SODs and they get to do a better job of absorbing into your skin. It results in stronger collagen production and less dull/dry skin. Whew! Class dismissed!

So for recess we can talk about the Eye Concentrate Mask which is one of my favorites. You get to feel like Mr. Wizard as you pour the bottle of serum into the container of dry eye patches. They talk, mingle with the serum, and cosmically merge to form a mask full of soybean extract which is similar to estrogen. After about 15 minutes everything has been absorbed and you peel off the sheets. You can literally see a difference in one use with diminished fine lines and brightening of discoloration AND they feel so amazing on! Like your skin is getting a big swig of Vitamin Water.

Bottom line, Awake is a great line that combines cutting edge technology with amazing ingredients from nature. And I have had amazingly positive experience with the team at Bergdorf Goodman here in NYC and they would love to meet you!

They’re having a clinic Thursday, Oct. 7, Saturday, October 9 and you are invited. Each treatment is performed in a private setting and starts out with the use of a handheld skin computer to accurately analyze skin before the start of the facial. The Awake skin care specialist will demonstrate and explain in-depth the proper methods of application and specific steps that need to be followed for Awake’s high-tech products, in order to achieve best performance results. Also, as with any facial, the aesthetician will create customized regimens for each client, based on their specific skin needs, lifestyle and texture preference. For those customers using dermatological and medical treatments or products, a customized regimen/application is subscribed to work in conjunction with those products. Limited space available so calling in advance to book appointment is highly recommended 212.872.8648. Shelley, Yvette, Mi, and Kari are excellent at Bergdorf’s and can steer you in the right direction for your skin and won’t load you up with products you don’t need but will instead figure out what will work with your skin and your routine.

Customers also may go to Bergdorf Goodman to pick up a free sample of Awake’s newest luxury cream, Skin Renovation Firm Advantage, October 1-15. An anti-aging luxury cream developed in Japan after 12 years of research, it features a proprietary ingredient Rice Energy Extract obtained through a tedious and secret 90-day fermentation process. The one and only advantage skin needs in the fight against time. Available exclusively at select Neiman Marcus stores, Bergdorf Goodman and http://www.neimanmarcus.com.

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