What’s the Right Serial Number for the Perfect Serum?


When I hear the word serum, I tend to think of a magical cream that revitalizes my skin and makes the “ugly stuff” go away – hopefully for good. I used to judge the quality of any serum by its price. I figured the higher the price, the better the quality. But, I never bothered to look at the back of the bottle for a quick glance at the ingredients working behind the magic – until now.

According to celebrity esthetician, Renee Rouleau, the following are key active ingredients to look for in any serum, regardless of the price. Soluble Beta Glucans – for lessening breakouts from inside out, White or Red Tea – for providing anti-inflammatory relief, Glycolic Acid – for exfoliation, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (or a less fancier word – Vitamin C) – for fading brown spots, anti-oxidants, such as vitamin E, for fighting off free radical damage, and Peptides for skin firming. “Any skin serum will do a great job at carrying active ingredients deep within the skin,” says Rouleau. “For daytime, use antioxidants and sunscreens as your skin is on the defense. At night, use repair ingredients like acids, enzymes and peptides.”

Rouleau never suggests the use of a serum by itself. Here is how you should incorporate using a serum into your routine…


Step 1: Cleanse with a sulfate-free cleanser
Step 2: Apply an alcohol-free toner (when left damp on the skin and followed with a serum, it acts as a carrier to bring the serum deeper in the skin)
Step 3: Apply a few drops of an antioxidant skin serum
Step 4: Apply a generous amount of sunscreen to the face and neck


Step 1: Cleanse with a cleansing lotion to remove makeup
Step 2: Apply an alcohol-free toner (remember – it acts as a carrier to bring the serum deeper in the skin)
Step 3: Apply a few drops of either a Glycolic Acid serum or a corrective serum
Step 4: Apply a moisturizer (without sunscreen)

So now that you know the key ingredients that should be a deciding factor when choosing the perfect serum, let’s take a look at where to actually find them! BN has searched the world over for the finest serums with the right ingredients and brought them directly to you.

NutriMinC Reactivating Facial Serum:

This zesty like gel will not only increase moisture retention and cell turnover, but key ingredients including vitamin C, activate healthy cells, increasing translucence while diminishing the look of fine lines. But, don’t go getting jealous. You can have this look all over your body with NutriMinC Reactivating Body Serum, which contains powerful botanicals that help protect the skin surface against free radical damage.

Available: http://www.arbonne.com

New Glytone Anti-Aging Facial Serum:

This spankin’ new product not only contains the most technologically advanced form of vitamin C, but is packed with powerful antioxidants, such as red tea extracts, and vitamin E. This serum will help protect against environmental, photo, and free radical damage, while reducing visible signs of premature aging. (Optimal for normal or oily skin.)

Available: http://www.dermstore.com

Apiderm DeCircling Serum for Eyes:

This celebrity worthy product illuminates dark circles, visibly relieving puffiness under the eyes. DeCircling Serum combines four of the most advanced peptide and protein complexes on the market to create a highly effective treatment. Haloxyl Peptide Complex works by calming signs of inflammation and facilitating the release of iron from the skins tissues. The Eyeliss Peptide Complex is a blend of firming peptides and anti-puffiness flavonoids, which help visibly smooth eye contours and ease the appearance of under-eye “bags.” Adding to the targeted benefits of these two peptide complexes are the proven firming and anti-wrinkle benefits of Matrixyl 3000, which features the latest in skin-firming peptide technology.

Available: http://www.apiderm.com

Shea Terra Organics Night Nourishment Nutrient Facial Serum:

Flown in from Egypt, this golden product is ideal to create a more youthful look. Night Nourishment is brimming with vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and essential fatty acids that will increase skin’s level of hydration, decrease environmental damage, decelerate effects of aging on the skin and improve overall skin tone.

Available: http://www.sheaterraorganics.com

Phyto-C Supreme Serum:

What perfect serum would be complete without the ability to rid us all of that horrid sight we tend to avoid seeing in the mirror – cellulite.
This anti-aging serum not only has anti-cellulite properties, but it reduces scar tissue and is formulated with powerful antioxidants. Active ingredients refine skin texture as it smoothes and firms the skin and facilitates collagen production and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

Available: http://www.phyto-ceutical.com

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