You Can Prevent Wrinkles While You Sleep with Juverest and Slip Silk


Yes, of course we should slather our faces and bodies with serums and creams before bedtime. Those wonderful potions do a myriad of good – they fight free radicals, help build collagen, lighten dark spots, brighten complexions and keep skin moisturized. All wonderful things…but we’ve got to wake up to the fact that it takes more than creams to prevent wrinkles.

Facial wrinkles are caused mainly by two factors: muscle contractions when we speak, smile or frown, and facial contortions due to our skin compressing and moving as we sleep on our pillows at night. Try these bedtime wrinkle blockers from Juverest and Slip Silk and you’ll sleep better knowing you’ll be waking up with a smoother face now and in the future.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Goesel Anson created the Juverest Sleep Pillow and explains that when you sleep on your side, you distort, scrunch and stretch your facial skin night after night which creates wrinkles. You’ve seen those sleep creases in the morning mirror, haven’t you? Over the years, these creases and lines worsen and become permanent wrinkles. The Juverest Sleep Pillow, as odd as it might look, is an extremely comfortable pillow that assures that your most wrinkle prone skin won’t get sleep creases. While resting your head on the “three step” pillow, your squishable face isn’t touching anything. I know, it sounds potentially uncomfortable, but after testing this for many sleep-filled nights, I can tell you it’s quite comfy and didn’t take me any adjustment time to get used to it. Not only does it support the face, but it’s designed to cradle your shoulders to discourage forward rotation along with graduated “steps” that minimize contact between the face and pillow. And if you happen to sleep on your back, it cradles your head nicely and offers neck and spine support. Have a look at their website for more into.

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You probably already know that sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a great way to maintain your hairstyle and avoid ‘bed head” because unlike cotton, silk doesn’t pull your hair at the root and ruin your styling as you sleep. But did you know that the Slip Silk Pillowcase is also a great way to prevent facial wrinkles? The same way cotton tugs at your hair, it also tugs at your skin, creating facial lines and creases that turn into wrinkles over time. Use the Slip Silk Pillowcase and your face and hair will move effortlessly as you sleep on the pure silk charmeuse pillowcase. The Slip Silk Pillowcase is made from high quality 22 momme (a hefty weight) pure silk and uses non-toxic dyes. And if you’re thinking that a polyester satin pillowcase will do the same thing, think again. Silk is a natural fiber that breathes and feels cooler in hot weather while polyester will draw moisture away and you’ll wake up with skin that feels dry. The Slip Silk Pillowcase feels fabulous to sleep on, no matter what kind of pillow you use. So now, not only is my blow dry lasting an extra day, but I’m not waking with up sleep creases anymore. It’s available in an array of colors and is easily washable.


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