Your Skin Can Just Dream…or It Can Dremu

For some of you, admit it: you’re partly exhausted by your unrelenting search (and hope) that there’s some kind of topical lotion or cream that’ll actually live up to its claims.


Dremu is a company that uses triple-refined pure emu oil in all of its products, and it’s that refining process that distinguishes it above all other sellers of emu oil. Basically, in layman’s terms, aside from the fact that emu oil already has a natural ability to penetrate deeply into the skin (the oil is very similar to our body fat composition), Dremu takes it a step further (actually three steps to be exact) and uses molecular distillation, which takes out lingering microorganisms that could compromise the oil’s purity and effectiveness.


What is an emu?
–Native to Australia, the emu is a flightless bird. (Dremu uses American-bred Emus that are humanely treated and are hormone, steroid, and antibiotic-free.)

What’s so special about emu oil?
–It’s anti-inflammatory. (Psst – if you didn’t know, inflammation, which comes from stress, environmental pollution, diet, infection, cosmetic ingredients, etc., causes wrinkles.)

–It’s packed with essential fatty acids (that your body needs and doesn’t naturally produce) as well as Vitamin A and E anti-oxidants that plump and thicken aging skin.

–It’s been shown to regenerate collagen and heal skin on a cellular level.

–Aside from being known as a virtual wrinkle eraser, it’s been proven to help just about every type of skin ailment that’s out there such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, burns, stretch marks, and then some.


The Dremu line not only has the essential pure triple refined oil in a bottle that we’ve been touting, but it also has a daytime lotion called ‘Daylight’, which tosses in some Vitamin C and an SPF25 for good measure, as well as a night cream aptly called ‘Midnight’, a potion with the added bonus of glycolic acid and multi-vitamins. And, hey, if you’re looking for a good eye cream, body lotion, or even possibly something for a romantic night (!), click on over – Dremu’s got you covered.

Never mind you that Demi, Oprah, Beyoncé, and Jenny McCarthy love Dremu products and that the Los Angeles Times is pretty blown away by the results. What matters is that this stuff really, really does work. Don’t wait! Try it out for yourself. Honestly, your wrinkles won’t know what hit them.

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