A Jewel in SoHo – Wei Lang Spa at Devachan


Whenever I visit a new spa I always prepare myself in case it’s not as divine as I expect. My recent visit to Wei Lang Spa at Devachan Salon was no exception, however, the spa far exceeded my expectations and my massage was off the charts. If you want a truly special treat for a wonderful mother this Mother’s Day, give her a massage at this spa.

Wei Lang, the spa owner, is a perfect embodiment of her spa. She is energetic, yet serene, a perfectionist, yet flexible. The hallmark of this spa is custom treatments tailored to each client. Although the spa has a range of treatments, including facials, massages, nail services, acupuncture and injectables, many services can be tailored to the client. As I spoke with Wei Lang in the relaxation room of the spa that she took over just last November, I discovered that she is not easily satisfied. That is precisely the quality that you want in a spa owner.

I loved the Asian inspired, tranquil décor, but Wei Lang replied, “It’s O.K.” She said it is a work in progress, and the gorgeous waterfall with rocks is temporarily out of order. Clearly, Wei Lang was not pleased. Wei Lang, an expert make-up artist and facialist, moved her spa into the former Deva Spa downstairs from the Devachan hair salon. The new space is still being tweaked, but there is one room that she proudly shows off. The couples massage room is an oasis of luxury, and includes two massage tables and a marble Jacuzzi tub. “People spend hours in here,” she said. There were rose petals strewn across the massage tables, veiled with sheer vanilla curtains, and the large marble tub was so inviting. There is even a shower in the room.

After my tour and chat with Wei Lang, I had my massage with the wonderful, magic-fingered Dominique. It was hands down the best massage I ever had. Dominique gave me a custom massage tailored to my needs, which were concentrated in my upper back and shoulder area. She gave me a choice of essential oils to use for the massage, and I selected lavender. As I floated in and out of a dream state, Dominique worked muscles that I truly never knew existed. In addition to focusing on my shoulders, she massaged a little known muscle on the side of my hips. It was unbelievably sore and needed attention, but who knew?

At the end, after Dominique had massaged even my earlobes, I felt incredible. I decompressed in the relaxation room with a cup of green tea and then got dressed in the gorgeous changing room. I made sure to tell Wei Lang how wonderful the massage with Dominique was, and she smiled. Wei Lang knows that her spa is a secret jewel, and one day everyone will know about it.

Wei Lang Spa at Devachan
425 Broome Street
New York, NY 10013

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