A Steamy Affair at the Trump Soho


The Turkish décor at The Spa at Trump Soho set the mood for my travel back to a time and place when Hammam treatments were common. Upon arrival at this bi-level spa, I sipped Rooibos tea as my practitioner ushered me into one of their three private spa suites – or wet rooms — for a private Turkish Hammam treatment. The Spa at Trump Soho is the only luxury spa in the city that incorporates this timeless Middle Eastern bathing tradition.

If you like hot, hot, hot steamy full body exfoliation, this is the treatment for you. It’s a great way to cleanse and renew for the coming summer season, as nothing feels better than getting rid of those dead skin cells.

The wet room — elegant and stately with its heated marble bed, dome-shaped ceiling with gorgeous tiles, and perfect soothing light — transports you to a time and a place where this ritual was a part of life. The sacred and most soothing act of being bathed and cleansed was extremely nurturing. My entire body was gently, yet firmly exfoliated and cleansed with a special treatment cloth, which I was encouraged to take with me for use at home or travel.

Warm water was doused over me between each cleansing, clearing away any dead skin. The room itself became steamy from the hot water and stone, creating a purifying effect. I had to ask for the door to be opened halfway through my treatment, however, because I felt too hot.
The steam and exfoliation of the skin left me feeling renewed and fresh. I was delighted when, at the end of the treatment, cool water was gently poured over my head and shoulders at just the right temperature.

I slowly made my way in a dream state to the relaxation room. The room was soothing to the eye and the cozy blankets were welcome after my treatment. I poured myself some Moroccan peppermint tea and reclined, the sounds of the bustling city now miles away. It was here that I began giggling because of the music. Excerpts from Star Wars? Music that could be used for a magic show? I did manage to fall asleep, but I think I had a dream about David Copperfield making Princess Leia disappear.

When I woke up I noticed how the Hammam treatment left my skin silky smooth and glowing. This Spa is a great spot to escape the world or just sneak in a few hours of tranquility in lovely SoHo. The Spa also offers other wellness rituals such as massages, facials and other treatments from around the world, and designed for women, men or couples.

Trump Soho New York
246 Spring Street
New York, NY 10013
Reservations: 1-877-828-7080
[email protected]

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