A Tasty Treat for your Feet at Sweet Lily Spa



“Wait, I’m supposed to put my feet into that delicious tub of hot chocolate, whip cream and powdered cocoa? Can I just have a taste first?” I coyly asked my pedicurist as I snuggled into a comfy floral upholstered armchair in preparation for my first Sweet Lily signature pedicure. She replied with a laugh as though it wasn’t the first time one of her clients made such a request. I was beginning to realize that this Lily chick meant business when she added the word ‘sweet’ to her name.


Sweet Lily Natural Nail Spa and Boutique is all about nails (and waxing too). Dedicated to giving your hands, feet and nails the most natural and sanitary care available, this quaint Tribeca spa is all about working with the ‘real’ you. Leave your acrylic nails at home (or have them expertly removed in a six step restorative process), and relax in this delicately designed, feminine inspired loft-like space that makes you want to have a tea party with your girlfriends (or start redecorating your and the fiancé’s unisex apartment).


I couldn’t resist trying Sweet Lily’s Hot Cooa & Hazelnut Pedicure (I did however, manage to resist dunking my head into the vat of hot chocolate – but only because my feet were in there first). The cocoa is a natural source of flavanol which helps to support the skin’s defense against pollution and the elements. Sitting in a big, fluffy armchair, sipping tea and soaking my feet in an old fashioned basin, I felt like I was in the comfort of my own home. You won’t find those pedicure chairs with the attached plastic tubs and massage control pads here (who really uses that feature anyway?). Sweet Lily is a refuge for the New York woman who is in need of some luxurious pampering and a touch of femininity.


After my toenails were shaped and filed, my feet were massaged and exfoliated with some fantastic smelling hazelnut oil and a cocoa bean sugar scrub (and for a satisfying amount of time). After that, my feet and legs were thoroughly massaged with a creamy hazelnut lotion, rich enough to combat the driest of feet. And I’m not sure how she did it, but my pedicurist polished my tootsies to such perfection, I haven’t needed a touch up in weeks.


Each manicure and pedicure at Sweet Lily offers something unique. Try a Hot Lavender Cream Manicure, or the Honey Walnut Manicure & Pedicure and see just how effective natural ingredients can be to the health of your nails. In addition to full waxing services (incorporating a less painful, ingrown preventing Tea Tree Cream Wax), Sweet Lily features a wide variety of some of the most adorable and practical spa-related gifts in their on-sight boutique. Even if you don’t live in Tribeca, a trip to this gem of a spa will certainly be worth it to you…and your nails.

Sweet Lily Natural Nail Spa & Boutique
222 West Broadway (Between N. Moore & Franklin)
New York City 10013

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