Festive Holiday Candles That Set the Mood and Freshen the Air


Have you ever been in a barn? Then you know that they are in need of some serious “fragrance alteration.” And since the holidays are upon us, my mind turned to Santa’s reindeer – cooped up in stalls until Christmas Eve – they would all probably enjoy a scented candle or two.


You know Dasher? We all do – Dasher gets around. This is because Dasher is the “speediest”* reindeer of the group so he doesn’t have time to sit for 3-4 hours to let a candle burn properly. Tocca’s new Candele da Viaggio Set has four travel-size candles in some of Tocca’s best selling fragrances: Cleopatra, Grace, Havana, and Kyoto. Dasher can burn one for an hour and be off to the next event!


Dancer is the lead lady reindeer and she is known for being the graceful one in the bunch. Vie Luxe’s Tuileries is the perfect candle for a woman of such refinement with its natural beeswax base of white tuberose, jasmine, lavender, and rose. The nickel finished glass holder will look great next to her bucket of feed.


Despite the name sounding a bit “light”, Prancer is known as the powerhouse reindeer and he is the one to get the job done. Bleubay’s Revive #41 has plenty of get-up-and-go with its peppermint, lavender, and lime essential oils which are guaranteed to get Prancer off his tookas.


Ah Vixen, you charmer you. Famous for her beauty throughout the North Pole, Vixen has a man in every port and as a result is the recipient of numerous love notes. Letters is a line of soy candles that was inspired by old love letters discovered in a Victorian attic in the Northeast. Green Tea Leaves is a blend of green tea and Asian flowers that takes Vixen back in her mind to her Japanese lover.


Wonder and happiness are brought to all by Comet and nothing does that better than chocolate. The Thymes new Au Chocolat Collection has three offerings for the distinguished palette (Comet is a fancy dude) of Chocolat Saffron, Chocolat Ginger, and Chocolat Mandarin which are sure to make the kiddies of all ages excited for more.


With love in her heart Cupid is a perfect fit for Slatkin’s new Red Tea Candle with its warm fruity blend of tea, cassis, grapefruit, plum, and rhubarb. The clear glass holders allow a lot of light to come through and the aroma fills her stall better than most candles!Being the father of a very certain celeb reindeer is probably what he’s most well known for, but Donner is also the “thunder” of the eight.


Agraria’s Tuscan Orange & Wild Mint Crystal Cane Candle, exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman, is one of the most masculine, clean candles I have ever smelled (it smells like my dad!) and would be perfect for a manly man like Donner. Also at Bergdorf Goodman stores and www.bergdorfgoodman.com.


Blitzen is the lighting to compliment Donner’s thunder and By Terry has created an amazing new scent called Rouge Infernal. With its smoky floral base of red rose, silex powder, and dry wood it appeals to the more masculine side of Blitzen and keeps the fires going – literally.


You may or may not be familiar with Olive, “the other reindeer” from the 1999 movie** (“all of the other reindeer” – get it?), but being a tiny little dog, she can’t really handle a huge candle so er’go’s Travel Tins are the perfect size for her petite nose. Orchard Spice is made up of oranges, apples, cloves, and cinnamon – yum!


But do you recall the most famous reindeer of all? Rudolf with his nose so bright doesn’t really need a candle for late night reading but Acqua di Parma’sLimited Edition Fruit and Flower Three Tier Tower Candle will make up for all of his childhood angst. Silver Berries (orange and sandalwood), Red Berries (woody), and Gold Berries (holiday) make a lovely trio to keep him warm up in the snow.

*Reindeer “facts” from www.wikipedia.org
** Olive picture from www.amazon.com

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