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A facial to me is just another way to take care of my skin, a way to stave off the inevitable signs of aging, and a way to look good without wearing much makeup. I am one of those women who really tries hard to look like she tries to, well, not try.

I have extraordinarily sensitive skin that doesn’t tolerate much makeup or the latest fad creams, and I really hate sticky stuff on my face. The upside is that I actually have really good skin because I don’t go out in the sun much. Unfortunately, I have a few problem areas on my chin that I am always trying to heal and always feel a little self-conscious about, especially in times of stress. And I have blemishes on my chin that just won’t go away. Yuck. And today…the day of my lovely holistic facial at AmorePacific…Is the day I woke up with a terrible chin. I really felt the way you do when your housekeeper is due, and your house is a wreck. And to make matters worse, my last facial, a month ago, left my face a little sore and inflamed. What’s a girl to do?

Apparently, I was to throw myself at the mercy of Lisa Vela, the expert aesthetician who leads the AmorePacific team at the spa at Soho. I was originally booked for a moisturizing treatment, but when she looked at my poor little chin, she changed the prescription to a clarifying treatment. Trust me-I did not mind this. After a little light chatter, I realized that not only did this girl know her stuff, but she also cared about her clients . I actually relaxed! Well, after she sternly, and half jokingly yelled at me to relax. Or perhaps it was the absolutely wonderful arm massage that did the trick….aaaahhh!

The extraction-portion of the facial, while not exactly painless, was perhaps the most gentle I have ever had. It helped that Lisa hand-mixed the appropriate products for my fussbudget skin. There was no burning or itching and all of my blemishes were treated. I woke up the next day with the clearest, most glowing skin I have had in ages.

The AmorePacific line is based on a holistic approach and uses bamboo sap and green tea in all its formulations. Its line targets younger skin that is addressing its first signs of aging as well as older skin that needs more moisture. It’s very gentle and suitable for very sensitive skin. The AmorePacific Spa is located in Soho and their facial is one of the most relaxing experiences in skincare I have ever had. I think the products are wonderful, not too heavy, or greasy, and if you go to AmorePacific Spa in Soho, Jennifer, at the front desk, is more than happy to walk you through the products herself and help you figure out what is best for your skin. But what is really great about the whole AmorePacific experience is that it lets you shut out the hectic world for an hour or so and just relax.

Products are available at: amorepacific.com, sephora.com, Sephora and Neiman Marcus

AmorePacific Spa
114 Spring St., NY, NY 10012

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