Bathing in Flowers: Vitabath’s New In-Bloom Collection


We all love flowers, and gals would certainly love bathing in them to unwind and soften up during these hot sticky months. Well, we’re fans of Vitabath, and are indulging in the new In-Bloom Collection of fragrant body wash and bath products.

Here’s the scoop on the line’s exotic and flirty florals that you won’t find in granny’s vanity. The glorious scents linger on skin, help quiet nerves and lift spirits:

Asian Orchid & Coconut with Angelica Extract – Feel the silky touch of orchid petals with hints of exotic coconut and pink sugar. (My favorite!)

Beach Blossom with Passion Flower Extract – Imagine invigorating sea breezes mingled with subtle florals, sand and sunshine. Here’s your beach in a bottle.

Nouveau Rose with Evening Primrose Oil – You’re beautiful, take time and smell the roses in a modern blend of baby roses, rain kissed leaves, and cyclamen flowers.

Ivy & Lily with Chamomile Extract – Relax with delicate white lily combined with dewy Ivy leaves blowing gently in the wind.

The In-Bloom Collection features sulfate- and paraben- free body washes with a moisturizing formula that leaves skin feeling clean, refreshed and vibrant. They feature a nourishing blend of Vitamins A, B3, B5, C and E, as well as an antioxidant superfruit blend of Acai, Goji, Coffee, Noni, Pomegranate, Green Tea and Mangosteen.

Vitabath is a trusted spa and skin care line that’s been around for half a century. The new collection does not disappoint aficionados of at-home spa experiences. The shower gels can be squeezed onto a loofah sponge and rubbed into a rich luxurious lather, or used in baths for a big bubbly experience.

Vitabath products are available at many retail outlets in New York, such as Bed, Bath & Beyond and ULTA Beauty. To find a store nearby, visit and click the link for “Retail Locations.” You can also order online or call 1-888-213-3807.

Where’s my rubber duck? I’m ready to relax in my sudsy tub.

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